Chinese language to be Incorporated into the National Education System of Zambia
- Good News from Confucius Institute at UNZA

[Source]    Confucius Institute at UNZA [Time]    2013-03-28 14:08:32 

Ministry of Education of Zambia has recently declared in an official letter that they will receive ten Chinese volunteer teachers in this August and open Chinese classes in ten public schools in the ten provinces of Zambia, which means that Chinese language and culture is to be incorporated into the national education system in primary and middle schools of Zambia. This good news is from Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia.

Earlier in January, 2012, with the efforts of all the teachers from Confucius Institute, Chinese classes were simultaneously opened in seven private schools - LSK International School, American School, Rhodes Park School, Baobab College, SOS Children Village, Turkey School, Luanshy Trust School. Half a year later, Rhodes Park School and Luanshy Trust School received the first two Chinese volunteer teachers and opened Chinese language and culture classes throughout the schools. Moreover, LSK International School incorporated Chinese into its curriculum system in last August and made Chinese the third foreign language course following French and Spanish. Rhodes Park School、LSK International School, Luanshy Trust School held YCT test in last May and November. Students from more than thirty countries and regions participated and 95 percent of them passed the test, among whom five got full marks.

The Minister of Education, Dr. John Phiri, was invited to the second anniversary celebration of Confucius Institute at UNZA in August, 2012 and delivered a speech expressing a strong desire to open Chinese class in Public schools of Zambia. On February 20th , the educational supervision group from Hebei Province, China came to visit the Ministry of Education of Zambia and met the secretory of the ministry. They reached an agreement on opening Chinese class in public schools.

The opening of Chinese class in ten public schools in Zambia means a higher level of the depth and breadth of Chinese language and culture promotion in Zambia. And it will also promote the friendship between the two countries on a more extensive level.