Confucius Institute at Webster University Successfully Held the Chinese Language Teaching Materials Training Program

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Webster University [Time]    2013-03-14 15:37:23 

In order to promote the excellent Chinese teaching materials, to help local Chinese teachers use the textbooks effectively, and further improve the local teaching quality of Confucius Institute, on March 2nd, Confucius Institute at Webster University held the Chinese Teaching Materials Training. There are 31 Chinese teachers mainly from St. Louis Modern Chinese School, Grace Chinese School, St. Louis Chinese School, St. Louis Language Immersion School, St. James the Greater Middle School, MICDS, Texas A & M Chinese school, Rosati, Kain High School, Notre Dame High School, the University of Missouri, Southern Illinois University, etc. The schools include 3 universities, 3 Chinese schools and 17 primary and secondary schools.

The training is mainly to promote the “New Practical Chinese Reader”, “Chinese Paradise” and other excellent Chinese teaching materials. So we invited Mr. Wang Da and Mike, the experts from the North America Branch of BLCU Press, to give the lecture on Chinese teaching materials. The lecturers took “New Practical Chinese Reader” and “Chinese Paradise” as examples, to give the explanation on the concept and theory of the books’ writing, the teaching suggestions combining with their own teaching experience and also introduce the ways to get the teaching materials.

After this training program, the teachers not only understood the content, the framework, the theory and the characteristic of the two text books, but also get acknowledge of how to use the textbooks, how to make the courseware, and the teaching suggestions as well. According to the requirements of the program, the participant teachers are required to finish four assignments, which are a book review, a courseware for language class, a courseware for culture class and designing an activity to popularize Chinese textbooks. In addition, Confucius Institute at Webster University will hold an Chinese Excellent Language Class Courseware Competition at St. Louis.

At the end of the training, the teachers attended the exhibition of Hanban excellent Chinese teaching materials with interesting. They communicated with the experts from BLCU Press for the purchase and access to the textbooks and other supplementary materials, and at the same time, proposed some suggestions for the textbooks according to their Chinese teaching experience in St. Louis.

Group Photo of Chinese Language Teaching Materials Training Program

Author: Xuan Zhou, volunteer teacher of Confucius Institute at Webster University