Hebei education delegation came to Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia to inspect and instruct work

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia [Time]    2013-03-11 17:28:05 

On February 19th, deputy director of the Department of Education of Hebei Province, Mr. Yan Chunlai, Director of International Office, Mr.Hou Jianguo,Vice-Chancellor of Hebei University of trade and business, Mr. Chen Liang, and director of the Center for International Exchange, Mr. Shang Liwei, visited Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia to make a supervision on the construction of Confucius Institute building, the renovation of schoolhouse and development of Confucius Institute.

At 9:00 on 20th, Hebei Education delegation accompanied by Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zambia, Mr.Simukanga, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute, Madam.He Yi, visited Ministry of Education in Zambia and made formal talks with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education in Zambia expressed his welcome in his speech to delegation first and heart felt thanks then to the Chinese government long-term support and help given to the cause of education in Zambia. Subsequently, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education introduced Zambian primary and secondary schools and vocational education and consulted with delegation about the affairs that Chinese class would be opened in ten public high schools in Zambia and Chinese courses go into the national education system. Deputy director of Department of Education of Hebei Province, Mr. Yan Chunlai introduced the general situation of Education in Hebei Province and the development history and current status of Confucius Institute, at the same time to carried the initial ideas about inter-provincial and inter-school exchanges and cooperation.

At 3:00 p.m., the members of the delegation, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Zambia Mr.Simukanga, and other Zambia delegates heard the report on the work delivered by Chinese Director of Confucius Institute Madam He Yi. The representatives from China and Zambia affirmed fully the achievements made by Confucius Institute in two and half years short period and probed into the construction and development of Confucius Institute and further developing exchanges and cooperation between two universities. Subsequently, the members of the delegation inspected teaching facilities and educational venues of Confucius Institute. Deputy director of the Department of Education of Hebei Province, Mr. Yan Chunlai gave specific guidance on the renovation and decoration of Confucius Institute and visited Book Corner, office, classroom, computer room and checked achievements exhibition, teachers' lesson plans, Chinese Proficiency Test results, and the management system. of Confucius Institute. At 5:00 p.m., the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Mr. Zhou Yuxiao, Political Counsellor Mr. Liu Zhengjie and other embassy leaders met Hebei education delegation. Ambassador Zhou pointed out, as one important institution of Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture dissemination, Confucius Institute had gained a lot of achievements on deepening Sino-Zambian cultural exchanges and mutual learning, improving traditional friendship between China and Zambia, promoting Chinese culture dissemination and Chinese language teaching, which was important symbol of bilateral friendship and cooperation in the field of culture and science and education. He promised Chinese Embassy will continue supporting the work of Confucius Institute and hoped that more and more Zambians could go into Confucius Institute to learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture in order to heritage and improve Sino-Zambia friendship.