The Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University in Turkey Successfully Organized Dumpling- Making Activities

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University [Time]    2013-03-04 14:49:03 

On January 24 and 25, 2013, the Confucius Institute at the Middle East Technical University successfully organized dumpling-making activities in INCI College and the Middle East Technical University kindergarten.

One hundred students and teachers in INCI College participated in this activity. They were attracted by the red lanterns, Chinese knots and couplets in the canteen. They would like to say "Ni hao (Hello)!" "Ni hao ma (How are you)?" to the teacher from the Confucius Institute and make simple dialogues. A few students were vey excited to recognize several Chinese characters on the spring festival couplets.

After the Chinese teacher's demonstration, they began to learn how to make dumplings and enjoyed themselves. When the hot dumplings were served, most of the students tried to eat with chopsticks. They compared Chinese big dumplings with Turkish small dumplings and listened to the teacher to explain the tradition of the Spring Festival in northern China -making dumplings, pasting couplets. They got to know the dumpling was the symbol of peace, reunion and wealth.

The children in METU Kindergarten were very interested in Chinese traditional food, dumpling. With the teacher's encouragement, the five-year- old and six-year-old children produced a lot of dumplings in different shapes. When they made dumplings, they learned to count in Chinese language "one, two, three, four, five, six ...” Other teachers and chefs also came to learn how to make dumplings. They asked about the recipe of the dumpling wrappers and filling, and hoped to make the same food by themselves.

The Chinese Spring Festival was approaching. The activities organized by the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University sent a warm and friendly blessing. The dumpling was small, but it symbolized reunion, harvest and happiness, which spread Chinese food culture and promoted mutual friendship.

By Yake WANG