Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova held a public lecture on topic "Chinese Business Culture"

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova [Time]    2013-03-04 11:05:52 

February 19th, 2013 – The Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at ULIM, Dr. YANG Tongjun, was invited by the Academy of Economic Sciences of Moldova (ASEM) to give a public lecture on topic “Chinese Business culture”. The event was attended by Mrs. Diana VORNOVITCHI, the Director of the Business Incubator ASEM, Mrs. Larisa DODU-GUGEA, professor at the Faculty of International Economic Relations, ASEM lecturers and students, altogether around 70 people. The objective of the lecture was to help the audience get a deeper understanding of the Chinese business culture, and make them interested in further exploration of this topic.

Students and professors at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova have an increasing interest in Chinese economy. More recently, Confucius Institute opened 3 classes of Business Chinese language courses at ASEM. We hope that the public lecture organized by CI ULIM at their university, will foster the understanding of Chinese Business culture by Moldovan students pursuing an economic major, as well as it will promote a smooth development of Chinese language teaching in the Republic of Moldova.

The public lecture presented by Dr. YANG Tongjun

A student is addressing questions

Collective picture of the public lecture