New Year Celebration Event Broadened Influence of Chinese Culture in North UK

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Wigan and Leigh College [Time]    2013-02-28 11:03:37 

On Feb 7th, 2013, two days before Chinese New Year’s Eve, Confucius Classroom at Wigan and Leigh College held a very big New Year Celebration, which greatly promoted Chinese Culture locally.

Saying Happy New Year to Everybody in China

With the help of the International Department, the Project Manager of the Confucius Classroom Nan Wei made a very large agenda and carried it out. It was a two hours event and about 100 people, including students and staff, attended. The Executive Principle of the Confucius Classroom Philip Mathias made a welcome speech in which he introduced the culture of the water snake for the year of 2013.

Executive Principle gives New Year Speech

The event included a demonstration of Confucius Classroom student achievements in the past half year – four of the students took part in the Chinese Writing Contest which was held by Hanban, two of whom were awarded that day, video show of the traditional dance Jasmine Flower by one of the students, students’ giving blessings for the New Year in Chinese, and also a presentation of the Chinese New Year, onsite dumpling making, Chinese reunion dinner, red envelope and traditional Chinese ornaments as presents.

Students Awarded for Wonderful Work in Writing Contest

Learn to Make Dumpling

Learn to Make Dumpling

The big conference room was very festively decorated. Everybody enjoyed the event. Students and staff said, “It’s a very good event, the presentation is very informative, I learned a lot about Chinese New Year”; “the dumpling making is really fun, I’ll definitely try it at home”; “the food is great, Chinese food is the best in the world”. Many people tried chopsticks for the first time and found it worked well.

Chopsticks Are Handy

Red Envelope Brings Good Fortune

College Principle and Board Chairwoman of the Confucius Classroom Cath Hurst said, “The celebrations are an excellent way for the college to take part in the New Year. The day was recorded and sent to our partner and Hanban.”

Two of the local newspaper, “the Wigan Evening Post” and “Wigan Today” covered the event. Chinese culture has been greatly promoted in and around Wigan now. Most people know about twelve animals of the year and many people asked before the New Year’s Day what year it is this year. It is really encouraging to see all these achievements and the Confucius Classroom will work harder in the year of 2013 and look forward to more achievements and influence.

Local News Covered the Event

By Chen Changli