Celebrating the New Year Joyfully
– Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers Successfully Holds a Spring Festival Gala

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers [Time]    2013-02-25 11:16:37 

During the Spring Festival, the Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers organized a series of New Year activities, of which the most important one is the grand New Year gala. We were very pleased to receive the “Spring Festival Activity Package” sent by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The staff of Confucius Institute was busy preparing for many days, including blowing up balloons, hanging Chinese knots, making a detailed shopping list, making a budget, purchasing the required articles, and sending invitation letters to French partners and friends, etc. With the intense preparations made by all staff of the Confucius Institute, the gala kicked off.

The visitors totaled more than three hundred. Once they entered the hall, they were surprised at the festive New Year’s atmosphere with all of the Chinese elements in the hall. At the very beginning, Alain Mignot, Director-General of the Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers delivered a speech. He enthusiastically expressed his thanks to everyone for their contribution and assistance to the development of Chinese teaching, and invited the visitors to taste the special Chinese food and participate in various games. On the long and elaborately prepared dining table, there were Chinese dishes including Spring Rolls, Baozi, Fried Rice and Sautéed Beef with Green Pepper, etc. The staff of the Confucius Institute provided hospitable services for every guest. The games included picking up ping-pong balls with chopsticks, transporting ping-pong balls and other such activities. The guests showed great passion at these interesting activities. They took active part in the activities and won the little prizes that were elaborately prepared.

Tasting Chinese food

One of the little games: picking up ping-pong balls with chopsticks

After tasting the special Chinese food, the guests watched the performance of a special Chinese puppet show. After finishing the performances in Paris, performers from the Yangzhou puppet show troupe came to Poitiers to give the performance. To better cater to the standards of French audiences and break through the language barrier, the troupe specially prepared five shows with widely different styles, including the “Charm of Fans”, the “Hawaiian Dance”, the “Playing with Buddha Beads:, the “Long Silk Sleeves Dance” and the “Face Changing”, etc. In the performance hall, there was warm applause and hearty laughs from the audience from time to time. In addition, the staff of the Confucius Institute also launched the lucky draw to present New Year presents and express best wishes to the guests. Every child present excitedly received the New Year gift bags specially prepared by the Confucius Institute.

Puppet show

Puppet show

All audience’s happy laughter and cheerful voices brought down the curtain on the grand New Year gala.

The performers answering a curtain call

By Lan Zijun