First Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair in Zambia gathered cultural "Positive Energy"

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia [Time]    2013-02-25 11:38:01 

On February 2ed, namely, the 22ed in December of the Chinese lunar calendar on which there is stronger and stronger atmosphere about The Spring Festival, "2013 Chinese Spring Festival temple fair" was held at Levy Junction Mall in the capital of Zambia Lusaka by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia with assistance from Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia and China Chamber of Commerce.

The founding President of Zambia Mr. Kenneth Kaunda , Veep Mr. Scott, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Zhou Yuxiao, Political Counsellor Liu Zhengjie, Commercial Counsellor Chai zhijing, Vice-chancellor of the University of Zambia Prof. Stephen Simukanga, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute He Yi, Chinese staying in Zambia, and local community people rushed to enjoy“The first Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair Zambia”. This activity was reported as a focus by important domestic and international media including China Central Television, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, Zambia National Television, Post of Zambia and Zambia Daily.

Ambassador Mr. ZhouYuxiao spoke firstly “Happy New Year” and gave greetings to Chinese and overseas Chinese for The Spring Festival. He then introduced historical origins of the Chinese New Year and the Temple Fair to Zambia and Chinese guests, reviewed fruitful results of Sino-Zambia in the past year, expressed good will to cherish the traditional friendship between China and Zambia and hope strengthen Sino-Zambian bilateral promotion of culture, education and training, economic development of exchanges and cooperation, indicated sending more students to study in China and strengthening Chinese language training for Chinese government scholarship students before they go to China. Zambian Vice President Scott expressed appreciation in his speech to Chinese government’s endeavor to the promotion of bilateral cultural exchanges,expressed his sincere thanks to the support provided by Chinese government to Zambia in the cultural, economic and other fields. He pointed out particularly that welcoming China "snake" into Zambia and hoping more Chinese people can come to Zambia touring. Zambia founding president Mr. Kenneth Kaunda who are nearly ninety years old expressed his blessing for the Chinese New Year by playing guitar and hoped hat there would be more and more young people of Zambia to understand China, to learn Chinese advanced technology and traditional culture in order to promote the further development of Sino-Zambia friendship.

The 2013 Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair Zambia consisted of six components: Art Performance; Cultural Display; Chinese Cuisine; Interactive Game; Film Exhibition; Fireworks Display. The most distinctive activities are Chinese talent show and Chinese Film Exhibition. Pupils from teaching point of Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia sung the song " spring is coming" which brought Zambian into the hope for spring; the band of Confucius Institute were singing "Outside Hometown" while playing guitar stirred homesick emotion of Chinese people staying in the martial arts performance of Confucius Institute teachers and students caused a cheers of local audience; Confucius Institute was responsible for Chinese film exhibition which was packed, "Walking to school", " The Monkey King: Uproar In Heaven" “The New Legend of Shaolin", " The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate ", " Dear Enemy" five movie have a playback, these made Zambian people see the real China and have a more in-depth understanding about China's history and culture, it indicated the charm of Chinese traditional culture. In Chinese traditional culture exhibition area, there were 56 pillars symbolizing the 56 ethnic groups united together; bright red Chinese knot symbolizes the great unity of the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation; the show of glowing red lanterns, traditional arts, national costume made Zambian people have a more direct understanding about Chinese culture.In the exhibition area of Confucius Institute, there were all walks of life who filled out the registration forms enthusiastically and expressed strong desires to learn Chinese language and study in China. Zambia media such as MVTV and ZNBC came to interview Confucius Institute exhibition area in succession.

Lively Spring Festival temple fair was completed in colorful fireworks. Zambian felt the greatness of Chinese culture more deeply and the local Chinese and overseas Chinese felt the warmth of "home" and "year" via these activities. After the temple activities, Confucius Institute will invite experts to guest at Zambia national television to talk about freely the feelings on the temple activities, at the same time organize students to write film review which will be published in the local newspaper so that more Zambians can understand the connotation of China and Chinese culture.

The activity was organized well, rich in content, involved broadly, positive in interaction, which used special three-dimensional way to show the charm of Chinese culture fully. It was also a positive response for the calling " walk into university, walk into community " from Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters. The 2013 Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair Zambia can help to gathering cultural "Positive Energy" and promote the further development of Sino-Zambian traditional friendship.

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