Greeting New Year with Dumplings

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University [Time]    2013-02-21 17:41:54 

Lichun, or The Beginning of Spring, is the first Solar Term of a year, which falls on February 4th for the year 2013. In order to greet the coming Chinese New Year, Confucius Institute at Cleveland State University organized the Second New Year “Dumpling Festival” for the teachers and students at Campus International School.

During the Festival, all the teachers, students, and parent volunteers watched the whole process of making dumplings by Chinese teachers that mixing, rolling, wrapping, and finally boiling the dumplings. Also, they listened and took notes carefully on each step; many of them even made the dumplings themselves. Later, they learned how to eat dumplings with chopsticks. The teachers, students, and parent volunteers were very satisfied and happy with the dumplings they made. They said the dumplings are very delicious and easy to learn, and indicated that they will learn making dumplings at home and practice using chopsticks.

Prof. Lei Zhou demonstrates how to make dumpling skins to CIS students

Ms. Hui Yu teaches CIS students to use chopsticks

Chinese Teachers of CI at CSU and volunteer parents of CIS students

By Yutong Xin, PhD.

Translated by Qiyuan Zheng

Photograph by Wenzheng Liu