Students of Winstanley College Enjoyed the Fresh Experience of Chinese Tea and Calligraphy

[Source]    Wigan and Leigh College Confucius Classroom [Time]    2013-01-06 13:50:16 

On 10th December, one of the days during the “One World Week” at Winstanley College, Wigan, Confucius Classroom at Wigan and Leigh College did a Chinese Culture Workshop and impressed the students and staff with a very fresh experience of the Chinese Culture.

Cannot Wait to Try Chinese Tea

Smelling the Fragrance of Oolong Tea

Students tried Oolong Tea, Red Tea and Green Tea. They were amazed by the fragrance and taste by saying “I never thought of tea without tea bag or milk would be so nice”. After the tea, under the instruction of Wenwen Shi, the Active Manager of the Confucius Classroom, they surprised themselves again by doing their Chinese names with a brush so beautiful. They kept their work as a memento of their experience.

Trying Calligraphy

Try My Chinese Name Again

The workshop was very successful and aroused a lot of interest from the students and staff. The Head of Student Enrichment Helen Marsden said, “Thank you very much for coming in to college to run the Chinese workshop, it was very enjoyable and I really appreciate all the effort you went to. I would be really interested in further cooperation in the new year.”

Students with Their Calligraphy and Little Presents

By Chen Changli