Wonderful Cultural Experience, Precious Life Memory
- Students of Confucius Institute in Moldova Successfully Concluded the 2012 Year Competition of the “Fifth Chinese Bridge”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the Free International University of Moldova [Time]    2013-01-04 14:49:52 

November 28, 2012, the students of Confucius Institute in Moldova, under the leading of their teacher Ma Li, successfully finished their tasks of participation in the “Fifth World Middle school students’ Chinese Bridge Competition” in China and returned to Moldova, including Anna, Diana as the competitors and Emil, Sophia as watchers, and Ma Li as the leading teacher.

This “Chinese Bridge” competition, sponsored by Hanban and Normal University of Yunnan, lasted for 15 days including departure and return, which was held in the beautiful multi-national region, Kunming of Yunnan province, where spring stays all year round. The time when all the students arrived was beautifully sunny with bright sunshine everyday, which was like the vice-principal of Yunnan Normal University said that it was just because of the students’ arrival that made Yunnan so sunny and happy. Students and teachers from 48 countries collected at the South part of colorful Clouds—Yunnan and were divided into two parts: the competitors and the watchers. As soon as the competitors and their teacher arrived in the hospitable China, they started to prepare for the competition immediately, with the completion of rehearsal and performance of the opening ceremony. During the competition, in the written session, both of the two Moldovan competitors got a full mark, and no matter in which session that followed, they devoted themselves to it with the best mood and the most serious attitude, which won them good words of the judges and all teachers and students from other countries. Then, in the following days, they joined in the session of “Learning from a teacher” and learned how to sing Chinese songs and play in Chinese dances, and finished the closing ceremony for “Chinese Bridge”, which made them harvest abundantly. During the whole process, the two competitors also went to the middle school attached to Yunnan Normal University and gained the experience of learning with Chinese middle school students. Besides all above, they joined together with the watchers to visit Yunnan Normal University, the National Village of Yunnan and the Stone Forest and joined in the activity of planting trees in the “Friendship Forest”, watched the performance of Yunnan minorities, joined with more than 300 people in the “Camp Fire Party”, appreciated the “Dynamic Yunnan” show and even tasted the famous Yunnan food “Guo Qiao Mi Xian”. While the competitors busy preparing for their competition, the watchers were not idle. They visited the “Green Lake” of Kunming, the busiest zone in the center—“Nanping” street, joined the opening ceremony of their camp, went to the Chinese middle school students’ class, learned Chinese Handwriting, tea arts, martial arts and so on, and they also came to support the competitors in both the opening and closing ceremony as well as in the process of competition. The whole process was fully arranged with rich contents. Nervous but happy, everyone was excited though maybe being tired.

Before coming to Kunming, all the students and teacher also visited Beijing—the Chinese Capital, climbing the great wall, visiting the Forbidden City as well as the Head Office of Hanban, tasting Mongolian food in “Aobao Hui” restaurant. After competing in Kunming, Moldovan students and teacher came back to Moldova from the city of Shanghai, where they spent one day visiting. The result of this competition is quite satisfactory: Moldovan students were awarded for each the group prize for “the Internet Popularity” with one prize cup and certificate as well as the scholarship of studying in China for one semester. Good achievement gave everyone great happiness.

The significance of the fifth “Chinese Bridge” competition is quite deep and gives great impact on all the participants. No matter whether for the competitors or for the watchers, one thing is common, that is this experience in China will be the most precious memory in their life. “Once in China is like having experienced all happiness in the whole life”, this was uttered by Anna, one of the competitors of Moldova. All participants promise that they will learn Chinese even harder when return in order that they can get more chances to go to China again. It is “Chinese Bridge” that made them love Chinese deeply; it is “Chinese Bridge” that made them love China deeply and it is also “Chinese Bridge” that made them decide to contribute their best to the friendship between China and Moldova. The fifth “Chinese Bridge” ended in the slogan of “Learning Chinese, Double Your World”, but for the Moldovan students who were singing the song “Happy Chinese Bridge” on the way back, it is just a beginning…

Teacher and her student from Moldova in competition spot

Pleasure after bearing the palm

On the Greatwall

By Ma Li