Li Changchun and Liu Yandong Inspect Confucius Institute Headquarters and Call on the Staff of Hanban

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  • [发表时间]    2012-12-14 11:50:43 

Li Changchun warmly welcomed by all the staff members of Hanban

Li Changchun delivering an impromptu speech

Li Changchun cordially talking with Hanban staff

Li Changchun having a discussion with Hanban’s leading body

Li Changchun visiting the Confucius Institute photo exhibition

Li Changchun talking with “Panda” in high spirits – an interesting Chinese language tool

Li Changchun visiting the China Exploratorium at the Confucius Institute Headquarters

Li Changchun examining the results of multimedia teaching resources for Chinese language and culture

Li Changchun praising the brand new way of teaching about the ancient Chinese scientific and technological achievements

Beijing, November 21 - Li Changchun and Liu Yandong inspected the Confucius Institute Headquarters, where they had a discussion with Hanban’s leading body, delivered important speeches and took a group photo with the staff of Hanban to mark the occasion in the afternoon.

In the early winter, it was cold in Beijing, but the hall of the Confucius Institute Headquarters was filled with youthfulness and enthusiasm. More than 200 staff members were waiting here early for the leaders with great excitement and delight.

At about 4:00 pm, Mr. Li Changchun walked into the hall with vigorous strides. Sustained and rapturous applause burst from the welcoming crowd immediately. Mr. Li Changchun first visited the China Exploratorium on the first floor, where he asked about the functions of a variety of language and culture teaching equipment with great interest. At the exhibition hall for Confucius Institute’s education resources, Mr. Li Changchun fully affirmed the achievements in regard to developing Chinese language teaching materials in recent years. In front of the photo exhibition “Li Changchun and Confucius Institute”, Mr. Li Changchun happily recalled all the impressive memories when he participated in Confucius Institute’s activities over the past 8 years.

After that, Mr. Li Changchun and Ms. Liu Yandong had a discussion with the leading body of Hanban. Ms. Xu Lin delivered a brief speech, in which she recalled Mr. Li Changchun’s first inspection visit to Confucius Institute Headquarters in 2007 when it had just relocated. Since 2004, Mr. Li Changchun has provided great support with kindly concern to the Confucius Institutes for their development. Every year, he gives many significant written comments and instructions, and chairs many conferences to study the work of the Confucius Institutes. He has taken the opportunity to visit the Confucius Institutes in 15 different countries, unveiling the Confucius Institutes in person and delivering speeches, which contributes to building a pragmatic, people-first image of Chinese leaders. Now a total of 400 Confucius Institutes and 535 Confucius Classrooms have been founded in 108 countries, with 20,000 Chinese and foreign full-time and part-time faculty and staff as well as over 600,000 registered students. Mr. Li Changchun has given a wealth of important comments and instructions for Confucius Institutes, which are an ideological and theoretical treasury for Confucius Institutes in expanding and improving our undertakings. We learnt from them in the past, learn from them at present and will continue to learn from them in the future. We will keep Mr. Li Changchun’s great trust in mind, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue to open our minds and work hard, strive to create a new and improved situation in the Confucius Institutes’ development, and contribute our due share to improving the international influence of Chinese culture.

Mr. Li Changchun gave some important instructions. He said, Confucius Institute has not only been a significant move in the field of education since the 16th CPC National Congress but is also an important achievement in culture going global and plays an important role in the improvement of cultural soft power, arousing a strong response at home and abroad. In spite of limited time and investment, the work has received good results and has become a highlighted brand of Chinese culture internationally. When it comes to the progress that we have made in creating a bigger international voice and enhancing soft power since the 16th CPC National Congress, the Confucius Institute program under the administration of the Ministry of Education has made great contributions to the improvement of our cultural soft power. There has been some important experience of the Confucius Institutes: first, “Confucius” itself is an approachable brand and a pure cultural representative. Second, language serving as a breakthrough point is a well-reasoned approach. Third, the universities in China and the foreign country cooperate as partners to run a Confucius Institute openly. We are not the sole participant. Fourth, closely relying on China’s educational resources is an approach that has featured little investment, a short duration but excellent effects by taking full advantage of our existing resources. This work is most suitable for the education sector. Fifth, we always focus on developing teaching materials, which contain varied content and are associated with hobbies, advanced studies, Chinese language teaching in national educational systems as well as proficiency and qualification tests.

Mr. Li Changchun expected that we must further sum up our experience, and deepen, systematize and institutionalize all measures in order to continue improving our work. In addition, he hoped we could further improve cultural consciousness and continue to take a leading position in and contribute to helping Chinese culture go global and improve China’s cultural soft power.

Ms. Liu Yandong stated in her speech that Mr. Li Changchun visited the Confucius Institute Headquarters shortly after the conclusion of the 18th CPC National Congress to call on the staff of Hanban, and that he spoke highly of the Confucius Institutes and their work from the depths of his heart with movingly sincere words and earnest wishes. Looking back on the development process of the Confucius Institutes, Mr. Li Changchun was a strong supporter, active promoter, strategic guide and enthusiastic participant in Confucius Institutes’ undertakings. He devoted a lot and made indelible and indispensable contributions in developing the Confucius Institutes. We should keep Mr. Li Changchun’s requirements in mind, making in-depth summary of the experience in building Confucius Institutes, deepening reform and innovation, creating wider and better paths, and contributing our due share to the “double centennial” goals proposed at the 18th CPC National Congress.

After the discussion, Mr. Li Changchun and Ms. Liu Yandong came to the hall on the first floor, when the prolonged and warm applause burst from the crowd again. Mr. Li Changchun gladly took group photos with Hanban staff, and told everyone with sincere words and earnest wishes, “you must take good care of your family”, which greatly moved everyone present. At about 6:00 pm, everyone applauded as Mr. Li Changchun and Ms. Liu Yandong left by car, reluctant to see them go.

Li Weihong, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, and leaders of the concerned departments of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China accompanied Mr. Li Changchun and Ms. Liu Yandong on their inspection.