Confucius Institute in Moldova successfully concluded the 2012 year mission of Chinese teachers training

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the Free International University of Moldova [Time]    2012-12-10 13:25:32 

December 1, 2012 – the 2012 year mission of Chinese Language teacher’s training in Dalian, sponsored by Hanban, was successfully finished and the delegation of education officials from Moldova returns back to their country.

The Moldovan delegation was formed by 15 education officials, presidents of universities, principals of secondary schools, and teachers of Chinese Language. During the 7 days training in Dalian, the delegation had the following experiences: learning classes about Chinese culture and Chinese traditions designed by 19 professionals at the Dalian Foreign Language Institute, classes of Chinese arts, Russian students’ presentation, study visits to primary and secondary schools, Beijing Opera and Chinese acrobatics performances, Chinese folk music concert, and sightseeing in Dalian. Thus, in a relatively short period of time, the Moldovan delegation had the opportunity to explore and understand more deeply the Chinese Culture.

The leader of the Moldovan delegation, Mrs. Moldovan-Batrinac Viorelia who is the vice-president of Free International University in Moldova (ULIM) and the Moldovan Director of Chinese Institute at ULIM, delivered a speech on the topic “Chinese language fever”. During her speech, Mrs. Moldovan-Batrinac Viorelia pointed that in Moldova, Chinese language is continuously heating up and there are more and more people who want to study Chinese, understand Chinese culture, and develop friendly relations between China and Moldova in the education and economic domains. “In Moldova there are appearing more and more areas of possible cooperation with China. We are pleased to take part in this program and I hope that this trip is a memorable experience for all of the members. I also hope that Free International University in Moldova will continue to have a leading role in promoting Chinese language and Chinese Culture in Moldova” said Mrs. Moldovan-Batrinac.

Cultural study program – Collective picture on Dalian Seashore Resort Square

Learning Chinese Calligraphy

Learning the Chinese-knotting

Collective picture after the folk music concert