Chinese ethnic dances warmly welcomed by Moldovans

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the Free International University in Moldova [Time]    2012-12-10 11:09:45 

November 24, 2012 – Confucius Institute in Moldova organized a “Chinese corner activity” on the topic “Chinese ethnic dances”. Students of Chinese Language and dance amateurs present at the event, were introduced to five different types of Tibetan dance: Guozhuang(锅庄), Duixie (堆谐), Xianzi (弦子), Reba (热巴), and Tiaoshen (跳神). Lastly, the Moldovan Audience together with Chinese teachers joyfully danced the Tibetan Guozhuang. The whole scene was lively and happy, everybody was singing and dancing and Moldovans were amazed by the beauty of Chinese folk dance.

Confucius Institute Volunteer, Tibetan teacher Cairang Lamao dressed in national costume makes a presentation to the audience

Dancing together

Moldovans immerse in Chinese folk dance

By Ma Linjuan