Chinese programs walking into Zambia national television Culture transmitted friendship between China and Zambia
-----Chinese language and culture television program form Confucius Institute at University of Zambia formally began broadcasting

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Zambia [Time]    2012-11-26 16:31:42 

November 16th, the long-awaited day, 17:30, gratifying moment, Chinese language teaching and cultural television programs recorded in the cooperation between Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia and Zambia national television (ZNBC) began broadcasting. "Learn Chinese With Me "、" Wisdom of Confucius "、" Tai Chi teaching" unfolded aspects of brilliant,which are warmly welcomed by people from all walks of life in Zambia. Zambia had TV programs on Chinese language and culture for the first time.Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Mr. Zhou Yuxiao pointed out in the interview with Zambia national television reporter: Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia as one important institution to spread Chinese language and culture, had gained abundant harvest in deepening cultural exchanges and mutual learning of Sino-Zambian, promoted traditional friendship between the two countries. Launch of Chinese language programs was an important symbol of friendship and cooperation in the fields of culture and science- education between Sino-Zambian, which will surely cause great repercussions in the whole country of Zambia and become important witness for Sino-Zambian friendship. Education Minister in Zambia, Dr. Pirui also expressed warm congratulations on the launch of this program. He pointed out that with increasing development of Chinese economy, it became more important to have deeper understanding about China for people from all countries in the world. Zambia and China are all-weather good friends, good partners and good brothers. Along with Sino-Zambian trade have become frequent increasingly, is necessary for Zambian people to learn Chinese language and culture, to understand history of China, to understand tremendous growth and change in today’s China.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Mr. Zhou Yuxiao lifted the cuitain on the program. Chinese teacher Guo Guangwei use vivid、witty language to convey warm greetings "Hello", "How are you?" to everyone. Exchanges between teacher and students on the locale made people understand similarities and differences about greeting etiquette in China and Zambia. It was high interactive and easy to understand. Dr. Zhao Yiqiang illustrated " Wisdom of Confucius " to Zambia people vividly with explanation and pictures in order show the essence of Chinese culture.Chinese teacher Wang Jizhong made " Tai Chi teaching" through personal demonstration, explanation and exciting tricks show ,which let the audience feel the charm of Chinese martial arts.

The executive director of the television program, vice-Professor He Yi told Xinhua News Agency reporters in the interview that Chinese language teaching and cultural TV programs had recorded ten times which got the strong support from Government of Zambia, Ministry of Education, national television, Chinese embassy and social walks of life. TV programs will promote spread of Chinese language and culture in Zambia in more fresh content and ways. In the future we will continue to transform way of shooting, record activities of each teaching point and renovate content constantly. "Famous Lecture Series," "Appreciation of Poetry, "Contemporary Film Appreciation", "Chinese Cuisine", "Chinese Health Massage ", " Mushroom Cultivation Technology" will enter on stage one by one as wonderful programs, which will attract more Zambian friends to concern about China and learn Chinese.