Confucius Institute at UNZA Held a Successful Fun Quiz for Primary and Middle School Students

[Source]    Confucius Institute at UNZA [Time]    2012-11-26 09:55:10 

On November 19, 2012, activites of the fun quiz for primary and middle school students was held at LSK International School, one of the teaching locations of Confucius Institute at UNZA. The activities were divided into four parts: Chinese cultural knowledge quiz, Chinese speech contest, the blind touching elephant and chopstick relay. The students from more than 30 countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Zambia, India and Japan, etc, participated in the quiz. The atmosphere was extremely overwhelming.

Hosted by lecturer Guo Guangwei, the first part, chinese cultural knowledge quiz, started at ten o’clock in the morninng, with the sudents from all over the world participating. The quiz had three parts: compulsary questions, quick-response questions and risk questions. With the increase of scores and difficulty, the atmosphere was getting tense and warm, and the part of risk questions turned out a climax. The boys’ team and the girls’ team competed to answer the questions of the range from Chinese history, geography, culture and chinese knowledge and won warm applause. The girls’ team won the quiz at last. The fun part of the blind touching elephant made everybody excited. Through this part, the students practiced what they had learned in class and got more interested in Chinese language. The Chinese speech contest offered an oppurtunity to the student to use the Chinse expressions they had learned, which brought them more confidence. The chopstick relay was the most interesting part. Combinging chopsticks and Chinese knot, it not only demonstrated Chinese culture but also stimulated the students’ interest in China.

With diverse forms and rich content, this series of activities demonstrated the charm of Chinese language and culture and encouraged students to display more initiative in study.