Confucius Institute at University of Zambia held the activity of “Chinese film into the campus”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Zambia [Time]    2012-11-21 11:04:38 

In response to Hanban / Confucius Institute Headquarters "Confucius Institute into community and school" calling, in the afternoon of November 16th,Confucius Institute at University of Zambia successfully held the "Chinese film into the campus" activities.

The event will broadcast "Flying", "Hua Mulan", "Huo Yuanjia”, "New Shaolin Temple", "Story of Du Lala Promotion”,"Tangshan Earthquake" "Walking to School" and other excellent Chinese film. Teachers, staff, students, security workers form UNZA came to watch the filmes. Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at University of Zambia, Vice-Professor He Yi, Chinese teacher Dr. Zhao Yiqiang, Chinese teacher Guo Guangwei watched the movie with Zambian friends and exchanged ideas with them, talked about feelings.

During the film playing, the staff and students show a very strong interest in foreign culture. Especially, short dialogue and humorous language emerged in the film stimulate enthusiasm to learn Chinese to some extent.

Many viewers explored topics of China's space technology, Chinese history and our current development. There was a warm atmosphere. After the end of movie playing, many people expressed the hope to study Chinese language, Chinese martial arts further, and wish to learn more about Chinese culture.

The event not only promoted Chinese culture, inspired enthusiasm to learn Chinese language, Chinese martial arts for members at UNZA or community, but also found a new idea and way to spread international Chinese.