Participation in HSK can get more opportunities for leaning and working
---- Confucius Institute at University of Zambia successfully held the fifth Chinese Proficiency Test

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Zambia [Time]    2012-11-15 17:13:30 

On October 21th, Confucius Institute at University of Zambia successfully held the 2012 annual second Chinese proficiency exam (HSK). This was also the fifth Chinese Proficiency Test from establishment of Confucius Institute.

Zambia candidates across the country enthusiastically took the exam and showed high interest in learning Chinese. Two students from Asian country-People Republic of Korea also participated in the examination, one of girl is a daughter of Counsellor, People Republic of Korea in Zambia. She got full marks in HSK test on May. They both said would cherish every opportunity to learn Chinese, and to lay a solid foundation for future study in China. Number of candidates for HSK and YCT from Confucius Institute at University of Zambia in 2012 has reached 96, which was more than last year, and some people got full marks.

Due to various objective and subjective reasons, University of Zambia and other colleges and high schools have holidays, which brought some difficulties to disseminating and organization of the exam. But Confucius Institute at University of Zambia did not cancel or postpone the exam because of these difficulties, they still made positive advertisement and organized the examination orderly. They arranged Confucius Institute teachers to conduct every procedure and detail, to follow register information and deal with some matters at any moment. Confucius Institute teachers also started the tutorship class for HSK. So Confucius Institute still attracts a lot of candidates from other provinces to take the examination.

Chinese Director of Confucius Institute vice-professor He Yi gave a full inspection of entire examination process to ensure the successful holding of examination under a fair-and- square premise.