Lectures on Chinese Diplomacy and Economic Reform Given by Prof. Liao Shaolian in Middle East Technical University, Turkey

[Source]    Middle East Technical University, Turkey [Time]    2012-11-15 16:25:14 

On Nov. 5th and 6th , at the invitation of the Confucius Institute in Middle East Technical University(METU) in Turkey, Prof. Liao Shaolian, from Xiamen University School of International Studies, came to Middle East Technical University to give lectures titled as China’s New Diplomacy and External Relations and China’s Economic Reform.

The lectures attracted the experts and the scholars of Economics in METU. During the interactive sessions, the audience got involved in heated discussions on the issues of China’s diplomacy and economic reform and kept asking questions, and Pro. Liao answered all the questions raised by the audience elaborately. The experts and the scholars present at the lectures said that the lectures were insightful and rewarding.

Mr. Wang Shanping, the director of the Confucius Institute in METU, said that the academic exchange like this would no doubt help the scholars in Turkey get to know China and understand China in a more sophisticated way. The Confucius Institute in METU will try to organize more activities like this in the future to promote mutual understanding.

Jinjuan Chen