Pacific Northwest American Local Chinese Teacher and Teaching Training Strengthening Local Teaching Ideologies and Methods

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Portland State University [Time]    2012-10-24 09:49:26 

From October 13-14, 2012, “2012 Hanban Pacific Northwest American Local Chinese Teacher and Textbook Training” jointly organized by Hanban and the Confucius Institute at Portland State University was successfully held. Nearly 250 Chinese teachers teaching in elementary and secondary high school and university universities from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, California, New York, Illinois, Utah, Delaware and British Columbia, Canada, and famous overseas Chinese teaching experts attended this seminar.

This training aimed to help teachers better understand Chinese textbooks and overseas local Chinese teaching materials specified by Hanban to fully use Chinese teaching materials and offer an exchange platform for overseas Chinese teachers. Local teachers were encouraged to compile Chinese teaching textbooks to meet the local needs.

Xu Yongji, Education Counselor and Li Renzhu Consul from the Consulate General of China in Los Angeles, Chris Edward, Oregon State Senate, Mdm. Jessica Tan, responsible for Hanban North America office and Sharon Carstens, Director of the Institute for Asian Studies, Portland State University attended the training conference and deliver speeches.

In his speech, Xu Yongji Counselor introduced the current development of Confucius institutes and Confucius classes in the world. He also hoped present teachers taking this opportunity to better understand the current development of Confucius institutes and classes and be familiar with textbooks and to make efforts to improve Chinese teaching quality and effects. Senator Edward introduced the background of passing a bill of launching Chinese teaching in all elementary and secondary schools in Oregon State. He mentioned that learning Chinese could not only increase understanding between Chinese and American people, but also helped learners to find a job in the current economic situation. Although Oregon is a small state, it leads in launching Chinese teaching. Led by Director Hao Yun, officials from leading Chinese publishers and presses such as Beijing Language and Culture University Press, People’s Education Press and Sinoligua Press and local teachers and textbook authors attended this training. They introduced and explained the principles of compiling training textbooks, teaching methods, teaching measures and skills.

In order to demonstrate how to use these textbooks lively and effectively implement teaching methods, training conference also invited local experienced Chinese teachers to visit the demonstration class with their students. The experience of managing American elementary and secondary school classrooms was shared at the conference. Led by Shen Yin, chief Chinese teacher in Woodstock elementary school, the first pilot demonstration school adopting immersed Chinese teaching, local teachers successfully implemented local teaching ideologies and lively interpret teaching methods targeted to American students. Dr. Liu Meiru, Director of the Confucius Institute Portland State University hosted the training conference and delivered a speech entitled “the Status Quo and Analysis of American Local Chinese Textbooks”. He thoroughly analyzed the textbook source, compilation features and issues of textbooks for American K-12 students.

Present teachers expressed that this is a cultural festival. Taking this opportunity, local teachers not only understood a series of targeted and featured textbooks, but also obtained the practical experience from group studies. Present Chinese teachers highly appraised the arrangement of training and thank for Hanban’s efforts on promoting local Chinese teaching ideologies. They emphasized that such training shall be held regularly with accelerating textbook updating so as to promote overseas Chinese teaching effectively.

“Chinese Paradise” Demonstration Class

Chris Edwards, Senator of Oregon Delivering a Speech

Xu Yongji, Education Counselor Delivering an Opening Speech

Training Site

Gifts Presented to Kids at the Demonstration Class

Provided by Portland University Confucius Institute and photo by E Guangcai