“Melodies of China” Touches the Heartstrings of Teachers and Students in Alfred University-----Confucius Institute at Alfred University Holds the Concert Entitled “The Melodies of China”

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Alfred University [Time]    2012-09-28 11:39:54 

September 14th, 2012, the concert entitled “Melodies of China” was held at 7:30 p.m.in the Miller Theater of Alfred University. This concert was organized by the Confucius Institute and the Art Department at Alfred University. Chinese artists fromChinese Performing Arts in North America, Binghamton Universityand Alfred University performed with exceptional artistry. Professor Stephen Crosby, director of the Performing Arts Department, delivered a welcoming speech in which he expressed great appreciation to the Confucius Institute for their efforts in organizing such an important concert featuring highly-skilled musicians. Dr. Wilfred V. Huang, director of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University and Dr. Tao Peng, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at Alfred University joinedmore than 200 guests, including school leaders, teachers and students from Alfred University and residents from surrounding communities.

The pieceadapted from an ancient melody, “A Night of Flowers and Moonlight by the Spring River,” opened the concert. The director of the Chinese Performing Arts in North America, Hu Jianbing expressed the feeling of a spring night in the south regions of Yangtze River in his wonderful solo on the Chinese classicalfolk instrument called “Sheng”. Next, a Shanxi folk song “Jin Diao” and a Henan folk piece “Da Qi Ban” demonstrated the happy mood of ethnicnationalities in China.

Associate Professor in the Music Department at Alfred University, Wu Zhongbei, then played lively solos “Fighting the Typhoon” and “Dance of theYiPeople” on the Guzheng, Her amazing artistry was greeted with sustained applause and cheers from the audience.

The mezzo-soprano singer, Zhang Hong from Binghamton University, gave a very passionate performance: she sang six Chinese folk songs which were divided into two parts, including the Inner-Mongolian ethnic folksong “Beautiful Grassland, My Home”, the Bai ethnic folk song “The Murmuring Stream”, she also performed more songs in celebration of her beloved motherland: “Flying Songs over the Earth”, “Beautiful Mood” and “An old Song”.

The famous musician Bao Jian from the Chinese Performing Arts of North America performed brilliantly on the “Guanzi”, another classical Chinese instrument. “Song of the Autumn Frontier” in a duet with Professor Wu demonstrated Wang Zhao Jun’s nostalgia for her homeland when she was in far from home. The piece engaged the audience with Wang Zhaojun’s deep emotions.

Bao Jian on the Guanzi and Hu Jianbing on the Sheng performed “The Farewell of Yang Guan”which also was much appreciated by the entire audience. The two folk instruments complemented each other beautifully and displayed the extraordinary musicianship of both artists.

The concert was a great success and won the audience’s appreciation. One of the university’s music professors asked how can we not but lose ourselves completely in such exquisite folk music performed bysuch highly skilled musicians and he said he really understood the deep connotation of Chinese music. One elderly man, clearly very excited after the concert, couldn’t refrain from telling the performers that he felt the concert had brought him to China and directly into China’s history. Other audience members expressed their appreciations to the extraordinary musicians and to the Confucius Institute for bringing them such a richspiritual banquet. Everyone is looking forward to further concerts that enrich cultural communication between China and America.

Contributed by the volunteer teacher Zhang Yujia from the Confucius Institute at Alfred University


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