Chinese Ambassador visits Confucius Institute at KU

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University [Time]    2012-08-08 14:08:06 

H.E. Chinese Ambassador Yang Houlan pays a visit to Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University (CIKU) on August 3rd, Friday. Chinese Director of CIKU Associate Prof. Zhang Shubin and all the Chinese teachers and volunteers along with CIKU students who have just finished their study in China with Confucius Institute Scholarship warmly welcome the ambassador’s arrival at the entrance of KUSOM teaching building. In the accompany of Chinese Director of CIKU Associate Prof. Zhang Shubin, H.E.Ambassador Yang Houlan watches the CIKU photo exhibition in the lobby and inspects the teachers’ office ,the computer lab and the library.

H.E. Ambassador Yang Houlan speaks highly of CIKU’s achievements and encourages CIKU teachers and volunteers work even harder to promote Chinese language teaching and transmit Chinese culture in Nepal. His Excellency also interacts with the Nepali students who have just returned from China and hopes that they can do their best to build their country with what they have learned in China. He says after the transmission period of Nepal politics Nepal will see rapid growth in foreign investment and there will be more and more Chinese tourists and businessmen to come into Nepal. All this will provide good opportunities to the Nepali students who have learned Chinese language. Actually Chines companies in Nepal now need more and more Nepali employees who can speak Chinese.

The Nepali students introduce themselves in fluent Chinese and extend their sincere thanks to CIKU for providing them quality Chinese language teaching and Confucius Institute Scholarship to study in China, saying that they will do their uttermost to promote the Nepal- China friendship.