Alumni Association of Confucius Institute Scholarship Winners established in Nepal

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University [Time]    2012-07-31 16:10:21 

KATHMANDU, July 26 (Xinhua) -- Alumni Association of Confucius Institute Scholarship Winners from Confucius Institute at Kathmandu University (CIKU) is established in Nepali capital Kathmandu on Thursday.

Zhang Shubin, Chinese Director at CIKU, said that the Alumni Association was aimed at setting up a platform for better understanding and closer contact between the scholarship winners and Confucius Institute."

"You are the seeds of friendship between China and Nepal," Zhang said.

CIKU was jointly established by Hebei University of Economics & Business and Kathamndu Uiversity in 2007 to promote Chinese language and culture in Nepal and help those Nepalese who would like to learn Chinese language.

This institute has been providing scholarship to Nepali students to study in China since 2009. A total of 48 Nepali students were selected to study at China's well-known universities.