Farewell Ceremony Held by Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia for First Batch of Full-time Chinese Teachers of Indonesia Secondary Schools Who Will Leave for Studies in China

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June 20, 2012 - In the afternoon, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia hosted a farewell ceremony for the first batch of 30 full-time Chinese teachers at secondary schools in Indonesia at the Conference Room of Ministry of Education and Culture. These teachers will study in China. Among dignitaries presented at the Ceremony, were Mr. Syawal Gultom, Director-General of Quality Assurance and Professional Development of Educators Agency, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia, Dr. Teriska, the Head of Centre for Development and Empowerment for Language Teachers and Education Personnel, Ministry of National Education, Cultural Counselor Shao Yiwu and Secretary Yang Xiaoqiang of Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, Prof. Murni, Deputy Director General of the Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar, Chinese and Indonesia Director of the CI, Mr. Cai Changjie, President of the Executive Committee of Jakarta Chinese Language Coordination Office. Mr. Huang Yihching, a prominent Indonesian Chinese and Dato' Sri was also invited to be here at the Farewell Ceremony.

Dr. Teriska, representative of Chinese teachers, Pak. Hendry Jurnawan, representative of Mr. Huang Yihching, Murni, Shao Yiwu and Syawal Gultom delivered speeches at the ceremony.

Representative of Chinese teachers expressed their gratitude to Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture and Hanban for providing them with this enabling opportunity to study in China, saying that they will seize on this rare opportunity, study hard and improve their Chinese teaching proficiency. Pak. Hendry Jurnawan hoped the teachers can make the best use of the opportunity and improve their Chinese teaching skills in China.

Shao Yiwu extended greetings of Ambassador Liu Jianchao to the teachers and pointed out that the program comes as a remarkable achievement scored by educational departments of the two countries in boosting educational exchanges and cooperation, which is not only conductive to Chinese language teaching in Indonesia, but also very important for the two peoples to enhance mutual understanding. In closing, he hoped the teachers can become envoy of friendship for cultural exchanges between China and Indonesia.

Syawal Gultom, representative of Indonesian Education and Culture Minister, exhorted the teachers to make full use on the learning environment of China to learn not just Chinese language, culture, science and technology, but also teaching and learning methods of the Chinese people.

This program comes as the specific implementation of “Agreement on Cultivating Indonesian Chinese Language Teachers” signed by and between Mdm. Xu Lin and Mr. Syawal Gultom on April 21, 2012. The Agreement is mainly designed to jointly cultivate 100 Chinese language teachers in three years from 2012 to 2014 by Hanban and Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. Mr. Huang Yihching provides international round tickets for 100 teachers under the project. The first batch, 30 teachers, will leave for Fujian Normal University for six-month training on June 21, 2012.

The 30 teachers also visited the Confucius Institute at University of Al Azhar. Volunteer teachers of the CI demonstrated Chinese calligraphy, tea ceremony and Gu’zheng, and hosted a wonderful lecture for visiting teachers, providing a building block for them to better adapt to local life during their stay in Fujian Normal University.

CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and Indonesian International Daily News, among other media outlets were presented at and covered the event.

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June 20, 2012

Scene of the Farewell Ceremony

Mr. Huang Yihching Accepted Interview by CCTV

Group Photo between First Batch of Teachers Who Will Study in China, Leaders and Guests Presented at the Farewell Ceremony

Teachers Visited the Picture Show of the Confucius Institute

Group Photo of First Batch of Teachers Who Will Study in China Visiting the Confucius Institute


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