The First Elementary Chinese Translation Class Debuts at Confucius Institute at UNZA

[Source]    Confucius Institute at UNZA [Time]    2012-07-18 10:24:40 

At 12:00 on July 12, the long expected first elementary Chinese translation class debuted at Confucius Institute at UNZA. Chinese director,Prof. He Yi, Host director, Prof. Chanda, Chinese teacher Guo Guangwei and more than ten students from North Korea, Zambia and Congo (DRC) attended the opening ceremony.

Opening a translation class is a new developing path of Confucius Institute at UNZA to meet the local social and market demands and combine language teaching and practice skills training. With the deepened and expanded economic and trade cooperation between China and Zambia, the number of Chinese enterprises that come to invest in Zambia is increasing, so is the demand for Chinese translators. And to work as a translator is also the first choice for many students in Zambia, because conditions of service in foreign enterprises will be better and they can also learn more about the development of China’s economy and culture. Director He Yi encouraged the students to seize the opportunity and be among the first to eat crabs.

Among the student are Zambian companies’ staff who have studied in China, students who have received the scholarship of Hanban and the excellent in HSK examination. On the opening ceremony, the students took the floor one after another, expressing their strong interest in Chinese and determination to work hard and make more contributions to the cultural exchange between the two countries using what they have learned.

In the next three months, the students will learn courses of interpretation and translation and go to relevant Chinese companies in the practice of translation. We believe that they will become the main force of Chinese translators working actively in the economic field of Zambia!