The Chinese Edition of《Waving Flag》singed in the concert which was combined by the eight schools of Zambia

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia [Time]    2012-07-10 17:03:54 

The music festival which is held every year was celebrated by the eight trust schools of Zambia in Kitwe on June 29th,2012.As one of the competition songs for Luanshya Trust School,the Chinese Edition of《Waving Flag》created a sensation and earned tremendous applause among the competition schools.

The concert was held in MCM Nkana School of Kitwe. Kalulushi Trust School、LCM Luanshya Trust School、MCM Mufulira、MCM Nkana School、Kabwe Trust School、KCM Konkola Trust School、Ndola Trust School and KCM Nchanga Trust School participated in the competition.One of the competition songs for Luanshya Trust School was the Chinese Edition of《Waving Flag》,which was taught by Mr.Niu Xiquan who is the teacher of Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia .In order to congratulate the Zambia Football Team to be the champion of the World Cup and the success of CLM in developing the new project, Mr.Niu Xiquan chose the song for the students. It's popular among the students and teachers in the school.With the coming of the 2012 Music Festival,the《Waving Flag》was strongly recommended to be one of the competition songs.With the help of the Music teacher and the two Chinese Volunteer teachers,the chorus stepped to the stage.They threw out their arms and waved the flags of China and Zambia.They singed their hearts out and acted in harmony.This good inspirational song inspired everyone and got thunderous applause and cheer by the whole audience.

Luanshya Trust School is the first Chinese teaching spot in the area of Luanshya in Copperbelt Province, which is established by Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia. It's also the first school which owns the Chinese Volunteer Teachers.At the present,the school has started the Chinese teaching and carried out the Chinese Culture.