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[Source]    RSVPU [Time]    2012-07-06 15:10:58 

May 20th, 2012 - The Radio Confucius Classroom at RSVPU, Russia hosted its third HSK.

Although it’s only a Confucius Classroom, it's the one and only HSK Test Center in greater Ural, Russia. It became a HSK Test Center and held the first HSK in 2010. Only 35 sat on Level 1 to Level 3 test back then; but the number of test takers rose to 57 in 2011 and Level 1 to Level 5 tests were organized; in 2012, in the first few days when the exam registration is opened to public, over 90 applied for the exam covering all levels. As the number of applicants goes beyond the expectation and because of limitations of exam venue, the Test Center had to suspend the application work in advance. Apart from local test takers, some come from surrounding cities, such as Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and Perm. A test taker even comes from Volgograd who gets to the exam venue after taking train for two days.

Stands at the boundary of Europe and Asia, Yekaterinburg where the Confucius Classroom at RSVPU is located is home to a host of military enterprises of Russia and remains closed for long. As exchanges between Russia and China increase over time, Chinese Fever also leads to the emergence of HSK Fever.

The successful organization of the HSK would be impossible without thoughtful preparation by teachers at the CC, in particular, all-round support and assistance from Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters and Chinese Testing International.

HSK result may be used as a valid certificate for applying for study in China and grant by Confucius Institute Headquarters for free study in China, HSK Fever will definitely gain momentum in the locality. The CI has taken active steps and plans to organize more tests and add more exam rooms to welcome still greater HSK Fever, thus, promoting Chinese language learning and Chinese culture promotion and making a greater difference in boosting understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

By Radio Confucius Classroom at RSVPU

HSK Level 1 Exam Room

HSK Level 2 Exam Room