The time of farewell
—the last Chinese lesson in Loose Junior School

[Source]    New Line Learning Academy and Cornwallis Academy Confucius Classroom [Time]    2012-07-03 09:08:56 

June is a special time in many overseas Chinese teachers’ mind as there are so many farewells and sad moments when it is getting to the end of the academic year.

Today is the last Chinese lesson for the Year 5 pupils in Loose Junior School, which is one of the spoke schools of New Line Learning Academy Confucius classroom, Maidstone UK. “My dear students, this is the last Chinese lesson I am here with you and I am going back to China very soon.” Our Chinese teacher Yan Zhou walked into the classroom with shaking voice, “I love you children. Please carry on learning Chinese! You are my little stars.” She could feel tears in her eyes when the kids were shouting back “No…….!”

I believe this experienced by lots Hanban overseas teachers during their times in different countries.

Miss Zhou planed panda related activities for the last two lessons in Looseprimary school. She brought some toy pandas and pictures of famous panda “Sunshine” and “Sweetie” who are the symbols of friendship between the UK and China. The kids had great fun during the lesson. They learnt all about panda as the symbolic animal of China and many lovely panda related Chinese traditional activities. She also put on Taijicostume and showed the kids some simple Taiji with another Hanban teacher Miss Di Ma.

“Sweetie, we all love you!”

With the “Panda Taiji video”, kids were extremely excited. They tried very hard to followevery movement and without a doubt, they are like super KungFu stars!

KungFu stars working brilliantly. Miss Di Ma is teaching children how to show “fist”.

The kids have also experienced Chinese traditional brush painting. They are very creative with drawing using Chinese brush pens and black ink. There were many different styles of baby panda, mum panda or even panda families. Miss Zhou said the most touching moment is when the kids give their painting works as presents to her with their writing like “we will miss you” or “thank you for teaching us Mandarin” “We love Chinese” etc. She thinks this is the best reward for all her hard works during this year.

Adorable pandas from students

Victory learners of Mandarin

Touching moments like this must can be seen or heard in every Confucius classroom in everywhere of the world. That is why there are thousands Hanban overseas teacher and volunteers are working on the way of promoting Chinese language and culture with all their heart.

By New Line Learning Academy and Cornwallis Academy Confucius Classroom

Yan Zhou and Di Ma


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