The crew of the Xiamen sailboat visit CIUA

[Source]    CIUA [Time]    2012-06-28 14:22:08 

On June 21, 2012, the crew of the Xiamen sailboat, which landed Madagascar after more than 17000 sea miles of voyage within the last 7 months, visited Confucius Institute at University of Antananarivo(CIUA) and held a seminar with the faculty and students of CIUA. Representatives from Chinese embassy to Madagascar, the General Association of Chinese Merchants and Entrepreneurs in Madagascar, and the Chinese Enterprises Association in Madagascar were present in the event.

Students of CIUA welcomed the heroic Chinese sailors with traditional Malagasy dances. Prof. Abel ANDRIANTSIMAHAVANDY, President of University of Antananarivo presented models of sailboat and CIUA T-shirts to the visitors as souvenirs.

In the seminar, Captain Wei Jun briefed the theme, itinerary and occurrences of the voyage. The faculty and students posed various questions about the voyage. The sailors answered these questions with simplistic but philosophic everyday language.

At the end of the seminar, a student from CIUA sang the theme song of the global voyage of Xiamen sailboat, bringing the crew surprise and excitement. (By Li Haijun, CIUA)

A scene of the seminar