New YCT test successfully held first time this year at CITU

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tallinn University [Time]    2012-06-04 11:12:12 

In 2011, HSK testing site was set up by the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University, where the new HSK and YCT tests were organized. 26 th of May, 2012, the new YCT test was successfully held the first time this year at CITU.

16 students from elementary schools and middle schools of Tallinn participated the firt level test of YCT, who have learned Chinese language at the teaching sites of CITU in respective schools. Some of the candidates want to get the score of the test in order to participate the summer camp to China organized by the CITU; some regarded the test as an challenge to prove their Chinese language ability.

They were carefully reading, anwering and finally completed the test on time. After the test, a candidate confidently expressed that she believed she would get 200 points, the full mark in this level test .

The examination room

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