The 11th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Sudan Successfully Draw to a Close

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Khartoum [Time]    2012-05-30 15:44:44 

On May 20, the 11th Chinese Bridge—Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students in Sudan was held at Sharjah Hall at University of Khartoum. Luo Xiaoguang, the Ambassador of Chinese Embassy in Sudan, Prof. Hayatti, the Vice-Chancellor at University of Khartoum, teachers and students from University of Khartoum, nearly 300 people attended the competition.

Ten candidates participated in this competition. All of them were chosen from 25 students who attended the Elimination Competition one week ago. In competition every candidate went through speech “My Chinese Dream”, Chinese art performance and questioning three steps. The competition was started with a semi-chorus “Beautiful Jasmine”, and the performance “Sanjuban” from CIUOFK attracted audience applauses. Then ten candidates appeared on the stage to introduce themselves and expressed their Chinese dreams with brief slogans. During the speech section, students focused on the topic and adopted Chinese proverbs, sayings, poems to show their love for China. When they were questioned, their wisdom and smooth answers were highly appreciated by the audience. Also, the candidates’ art performance, such as Chinese storytelling, poem reciting, calligraphy, singing, etc. are wonderful. Out of the competition hall, the exhibition of the Chinese language learners’ homework is also colourful and fresh.

A semi-chorus “Beautiful Jasmine”

Performance: Sanjuban

Calligraphy performance: Han Yu Qiao

The first prize winner, Tiantian, is giving a speech.

The happy audience

At last, Hanan Yassir, a student from Chinese Department at University of Khartoum, won the first prize. Luo Xiaoguang and Zhang Yi, the Culture Attaché, awarded the prizes and presents to the winners.

CCTV-13, local official newspaper Rayaam, Information Unit at UOFK reported this event. The Chinese Bridge competition has been an importance platform for learners to show their Chinese language ability, arouse learning interests and promote culture communication between two countries.

The prize winners

Ambassador is awarding the first prize winner.

Students’ homework show

A collection photo