Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren Visited Confucius Institute at Dongseo University, South Korea

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Dongseo University [Time]    2012-05-29 10:38:55 

May 21st, 2012 - The delegation led by Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren visited the Confucius Institute at Dongseo University and was warmly welcomed by Mr. Chang Jekuk, President of the University and teachers and students of the CI.

Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren taking a group photo with teachers and students of the CI

Located at the Minseok Library of Dongseo University, the Confucius Institute at Dongseo University is the most favorite place for students enthusiastic for Chinese language and culture where lines of books shelves were placed with Chinese language books of all kinds while classic Chinese painting and calligraphy were hung on the wall decorated with Chinese Knot, paper-cutting and other accessories with distinctive Chinese flavor. In order to welcome Mr. Yuan’s visit, the Confucius Institute has specially produced dozens of posters, showing the developments and achievements of the CI over the years.

Mr. Zhang Jekuk, President of the University, briefed Mr. Yuan on the profile of the university and the CI. Dongseo University highly values internationalized development and among international academic exchanges, South Korea-China exchanges top the list. Every year, the University exchanges students with its Chinese partner university. In the past four years, the CI has dispatched 30 scholarship recipients to study or take refresher courses at Shandong University, China. Altogether 136 headmasters of middle schools have attended the cultural experience events in China organized by the CI and 141 Chinese language teachers of middle schools have received intensive Chinese training in China.

Later, Mr. Yuan watched the wonderful performance staged by teachers and students of the CI. Guest Chinese language teacher from the Shandong University guided students of the elementary Chinese class to perform dance “The Jasmine”. Classic cheongsam, red fans and graceful movements showcased rich flavor of Chinese nation. Trainees at the advanced Chinese class performed sketch “Yi Li Gao”. Their humorous words and exaggerated movements won rounds of applauses from the audience.

Accompanied by President Zhang Jekuk, Chinese Director and Director of the CI, Minister Yuan Guiren inspected the work place and classroom of the CI and exchanged views with self-study students of South Korea, asking about their Chinese learning conditions. He also received representatives of overseas Chinese students.

In closing, Mr. Yuan spoke highly of the CI for its integration of culture and education and expressed appreciation to the Dongseo University for its support for the CI’s work and care for Chinese language teachers.

Mr. An Yuxiang, Counselor of Education with the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, Prof. Kim Unha, Director of the CI, and Gao Xin, Chinese Director of the CI and professor of the Shandong University kept Mr. Yuan company during the visit.

Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren exchanging views with Mr. Zhang Jekuk, President of Dongseo University

Students of the advanced Chinese course performing sketch


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