Confucius Classroom Munich Held the First HSK Test in 2012

[Source]    Confucius Classroom Munich [Time]    2012-05-29 15:10:15 

On May 20, 2012, Confucius Classroom Munich successfully held the first HSK test in this year.

Since the test site established in 2010, Confucius Classroom Munich has held HSK test five times, with a total of almost 500 candidates. This time, 110 candidates participated the 1-6 level tests in nine examination rooms. The candidates were not all from Munich. Some of them were from the surrounding cities, and some were from neighbor countries, such as Switzerland, Austria and so on. From the age constitution of the candidates, it still shows the characteristics of age diversity. But compared with the previous tests, the age constitution of the candidates obviously trends to be younger. College students and high school students accounted for more than 50% of the number of candidates.

The day before the test, Confucius Classroom Munich arranged the examination rooms and sessions carefully, and held a examination preparation will.In particularly, this time no matter the examiners or the proctors of the test all have gained the qualification of the HSK Examine, which enables to keep the standardization and specialization of the examination process.

In addition, Confucius Classroom Munich, as always, provided refreshments and beverages for the pro forma candidates outside the examination room, and prepared a lounge for the candidate's parents. Everything was arranged meticulously and thoughtfully, and humane care embodied everywhere in order to relieve the tension of the candidates. The HSK Test carried out smoothly that day.

The second HSK test will be held in December this year.