TheThird Chinese Cultural Festival was Held Successfully in Ataturk High School in Ankara

[Source]    the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University [Time]    2012-05-28 14:11:30 

On May 17th, 2012,the auditorium of Ataturk High school, which is one of the schools the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University offers the Chinese course to, was filled with festivities and elaborate decorations, with the Chinese lanterns hung high on the wall, and the large Chinese knots fixed on both sides of the stage. The 3rd Chinese Cultural Festival opened here.

The principal of Ataturk High School in Ankara, Mr. Faruk Pilatin, and the cultural counsellor in Turkey, Yu Jian, addressed to the audience respectively. Mr. Faruk expressed his expectation to strengthen collaboration between the Confucius Institute and the high school so as to make the Chinese classes even better. Mr. Yu showed his appreciation that the students celebrated the Chinese Cultural Festival in their own way in this Chinese Cultral Year in Turkey. He hoped that the students could make the best of the teaching resources offered by the Confucius Institute and the Chinese embassay in Turkey to learn Chinese, so as to promote the cultrual communication between the two countries.

The students put on interesting and moving programmmes, which included ribbon dance, drama, Chinese songs, and Chinese poetry recitation, showing their great creativity and imagination. The programmes were so inviting that the Chinese teacher Lv Qingfa and his son coundn’t help but take an active part in it. Their singing won waves of applause and cheers from the audience, which enhanced the festive atmosphere.

When the performance ended, Mr. Wang Shanping, the director of the Confucius Institute presented the performers with some souvenirs and suggested that this activity should be carried on regularly in order to promote the understanding of Chinese culture.