HSK was held by Fuxing Confucius Classroom successfully

[Source]    Fuxing Confucius Classroom [Time]    2012-05-25 15:49:06 

joint photo

On May 20th, HSK was successfully held by the Fuxing Confucius Classroom and Shundimiaoshan Chinese Classroom.

the scene of examination room

HSK gets concert and attention from various circles of society of Yangon. The officials from Culture Section of Chinese Embassy in Myanmar were in person to visit HSK examination rooms.

the officials of embassy visiting the examination room

At 9:00 o’clock, the examination started, it went smoothly in the whole process, there is no accident or event happened.

doing with the greatest care

With the support from the Shundimiaoshan Chinese Classroom and the effort of all the staff at Fuxing Confucius classroom, HSK has succeeded to admiration.

thinking in deep thought

There are many students attended this examination, the number reaches 543 students in total for six levels.

answering the questions carefully

Students were very careful to answer the questions as requested. They filled in the information and thought of the answers seriously.

being concentrate on the examination

Teachers from China and local worked hand in hand to make everything turning out well. The examination was brought to a successful close at the air of seriousness.

focus on the papers

think long and hard

students paid their attention to the questions

they did with single-minded dedication

taxing their brains to answer questions

answering the test paper wholeheartedly

scene of the examination