The Colorful “Chinese Day” in Yüce Schools

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University [Time]    2012-05-14 09:33:40 

On May 4th, the Chinese director and the Chinese teachers in the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University went to Yüce schools to attend the “Chinese Day” there. Yüce schools which provide education at different levels, from kindergarten through high school, are quite well-known in Ankara. To promote the activity, all the students were asked to make presentations about Chinese culture.

The Chinese teachers brought posters of Chinese paper-cut, cheongsam, Beijing opera and Chinese knot, and they also organized interesting games as playing shuttlecock, Chinese chess, paper cutting, and using chopsticks. These lovely kids enjoyed themselves so much that they were not willing to leave when the game time was over. In the school lecture hall, the Chinese teachers introduced China and the culture to the students and teachers, and answered questions that the kids are curious about. In the end, the director had a radio interview on the Chinese life and education.

The “Chinese Day” is the first activity that the school organized about China since the school was founded, and the teachers in the Confucius Institute are the first Chinese guests ever invited. Undoubtedly, this “Chinese Day” leaves a deep impression on the children and teachers there.

By Chen Jinjuan