Flowers of Chinese blooming in early spring
------Confucius Classroom of Mongolian State University of Education holds Chinese Language Festival

[Source]    Confucius Classroom of Mongolian State University of Education [Time]    2012-04-17 15:57:32 

On April 9, 2012 , Chinese Language Festival(Chinese Cultural Performances ) annually held by Confucius Classroom was put on the stage in the large ceremonial hall of Mongolian State University of Education . About 500 students and teachers participated in this artistic activity .

Gangchu,The department head of oriental languages major delivered the opening speech ,she points that "The Chinese Language Festival is not only an opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of Chinese major students ,a challenge to check students' Chinese level ,but also a stage encourage Mongolian young people to improve the artistic level .

Tsogzolmaa, Director of foreign language School and Confucius Classroom in Mongolian State University of Education made an important speech .She noted that "since her establishment, Confucius Classroom has been taking training talents with high-level Chinese proficiency and spreading Chinese culture as its responsibility, and has made some contributions to improving the relationship between Mongolian State University of Education and the North-East Normal University of China . the Chinese Language Festival will make the Mongolian students acquire more knowledge about Chinese culture. At the same time. She hoped all the teachers and students take this opportunity to improve Chinese level at all aspects.

The activities includes three parts: Chinese picture exhibition, Chinese knowledge competition and artistic activity. Organizers made careful arrangements, combined the three parts together in order to give a wonderful audio-visual feast . Dance of Chinese style Good day ,Chinese paper cutting exhibition ,song Invisible wings ,hilarious sketch performance and calligraphy, tongue-twister, Chinese knowledge and Chinese song competitions push the atmosphere to one and another climax. Chinese president of Confucius Classroom Zhangdaisheng also perform the Taijiquan with two Chinese volunteers.

Despite the early spring cold in Ulaanbaatar, the Chinese language festival gave the attendants a wisp of warm spring breeze with strong Chinese style .In this warm environment we believe that more and more beautiful Chinese flowers will bloom in Mongolian State University of Education, in Ulaanbaatar, and even in the whole country of Mongolia.

Leaders and Teachers Present watch Performances

Chinese Cultural Picture Exhibition

The show of Taijiquan

Chinese Paper Cutting Works

Students are dancing

Students performing the calligraphy writing

Calligraphy works

Sketch Performance