Stenhus Confucius Classroom in Denmark Unveiled with a Grand Ceremony

[Source]    Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute [Time]    2012-04-10 10:47:23 

Holbæk, March 21st, 2012—Stenhus witnessed a special day. That afternoon, beautiful Stenhus was immersed in blue skies and the radiance of its enchanting spring scenery. The teachers and the students enjoyed a happy get-together, welcoming guests from all over, joining each other to celebrate the official unveiling of the second Confucius Classroom on Zealand Island, Denmark.

A total of more than 400 people including Ms. Benedicte Kieler, a representative from the Danish Ministry of Education, Mr. Søren Kjærsgaard, Major of Holbæk the location of Stenhus Gymnasium & HF, Mr. Gu Hui, Charge d'Affaires ad Interim of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Denmark, the Chinese Director and the Danish Director of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute, representatives the teachers and students from Confucius Classroom at Niels Steensens Gymnasium (NSG) and teachers and students from Stenhus Confucius Classroom attended the unveiling ceremony. A red banner reading “Stenhus Confucius Classroom” hung above the platform and there were scarlet lanterns adorning both sides of the meeting place. Everyone present was with a smile from the bottom of their heart.

At the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Per Henrik Farbøl, Principal of Stenhus Gymnasium & HF and Mr. Knud E. Schack Madsen, Principal of Stenhus Kostskole made welcoming speeches for guests respectively. They were pleased about the foundation of a Confucius Classroom in their school. They stated that with its rapid development, China is increasingly influential globally. They have offered Chinese language classes at the school since as early as 2006, with the intention of allowing pupils to stay in keeping with international developments. In total, at present there are around 500 students learning Chinese at junior and senior high schools. They also explained that all countries around the world, including Denmark, are eager to further their friendly relations with China. They hope that with the aid of a Confucius Classroom serving as a Chinese language medium, a bridge for cultural exchanges between Denmark and China will be available for greater numbers of Danish children.

As the young Mayor of Holbæk, Mr. Søren Kjærsgaard expressed his sincere congratulations on the official unveiling of Stenhus Confucius Classroom. He stated that he was willing to support the development of Stenhus Confucius Classroom and expressed his hope of increased communication with China in terms of politics, economics, culture and education etc. As well as the promotion of urban construction and development in Holbæk with the aid of Confucius Classroom serving as a relevant platform.

Mr. Gu Hui, Charge d'Affaires ad Interim of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Denmark, had been a student in Denmark at an early age. In reference to his own experience, he told the Danish youths that they will not only be able to listen to, speak, read and write a new language but, more importantly, they will come to understand the rich and varied culture behind the language if they spend several years learning it. All efforts that the young people are making presently will open new doors for them in the future. They will meet new challenges from a broader perspective and be more competitive.

Whilst congratulating Stenhus Confucius Classroom on its grand unveiling ceremony, Verner Worm, Director of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute also expressed his good wishes. He wished that the Confucius Classroom may launch its Chinese learning, cultural activities and YCT tests to great effect. He encouraged more students to take part in the Chinese Bridge and other cultural exchange activities such as summer camp etc. He also presented Stenhus with a painted Chinese scroll as a gift on behalf of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute.

When the representative from Ministry of Education, the Mayor of Holbæk, the Charge d'Affaires ad Interim of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Denmark, the Directors of Copenhagen Business Confucius Institute and the Principal of Stenhus Gymnasium & HF joined in unveiling the Confucius Classroom plaque, applause and cheering heightened the mood of the ceremony even further. During the course of the unveiling ceremony, Stenhus students performed numerous Chinese and Danish songs as well as wonderful jazz music. With the melodious sounds lingering and the red Chinese dragon in dance, Chinese culture and western culture complemented each other with radiance and beauty, indicating that the hundred years of Stenhus history will develop with even greater vigor and vitality in the future.

The representative from the Ministry of Education, the Mayor of Holbk, the guests and the Principals of Confucius Classroom unveiling the Confucius Classroom plaque

Guests gathering at the unveiling ceremony of Stenhus Confucius Classroom

Students of Chinese at Stenhus Confucius Classroom singing in Chinese