School Network (SSAT) Confucius Institute’s 2012 Conference Held in Nottingham, UK

[Source]    SSAT [Time]    2012-03-30 11:54:39 

School Network (SSAT) Confucius Institute (SSAT CI) 2012 Conference was held on 24 February in Nottingham, the United Kingdom, involving 43 Hanban teachers from all Confucius Classrooms (CC) under SSAT CI for training as well as idea-sharing.

All teachers gathered in Nottingham, where the legend of Robin Hood was originated, from all over England in the evening before the conference in order to ensure the ordinary teaching in schools would not be affected.

Ms Katherine Carruthers, SSAT CI’s English Directory, made her opening speech at the conference. She reviewed SSAT CI’s achievement since its founding, which was highlighted by a platform it established for the exchange and communication between the people from UK and China. She also gave her special thanks to all Hanban teachers for their hard work and chances they provide to British youths to know better of Chinese culture. Finally she was expecting more exiting news at the next conference.

Ms Katherine Carruthers giving speech

The encouraging speech from Ms Carruthers, the winner of ‘2012 Special Contribution Award’ by Hanban’s world conference, made teachers know better of their own mission and responsibility and the importance to promote Chinese culture and language worldwide.

In her speech, Ms Xiaoming Zhu, SSAT CI’s National Network Coordinator, further explained the importance for overseas young people to experience Chinese culture and language. That is why, according to her, every Hanban teacher is doing a significant job.

Ms Xiuqin Liu, SSAT CI’s Chinese Director, summarised the work this year so far from several facets. One of the colourful jobs was quite a few CCs achieved brilliant results in sorts of Chinese Contests in UK, for which Hanban teachers played a wonderful role. These results were not merely the glory of the winners, schools and the CI but also sparkles for Chinese culture and language – more students would be encouraged and spread their passions to people around them, and what was more, Hanban teachers’ brilliant work would be highly valued by British schools.

Ms Liu mentioned various cultural activities Hanban teachers had done during Chinese New Years, some of which were even covered by media in UK and China, including BBC and Phoenix TV. She also set some new goals for the new year and praised many an outstanding teachers, who were acting as China’s ‘civil ambassadors’.

The conference stepped into teachers’ seminars and idea-sharing within groups. They not only introduced their marvelous jobs but shared their precious experience in teaching Chinese language and promoting Chinese culture; meanwhile, some of them raised their questions for in-group discussion. They put their head together, inspiring each other.

Ms Carruthers and Ms Liu in a seminar

Miss Ting Li from Hanban UK also made an introduction to the coming Youth Chinese Test.

Ms Xiaoming Zhu in training

As the last but not least part of the conference was a workshop called ‘Starter ideas for Mandarin’ by Miss Gina Jamieson, a local teacher of Chinese from Nottingham’s Djanogly City Academy. All Hanban teachers witnessed the wisdom and passion of local teachers and were further aware of the different concepts in teaching languages in UK.

Miss Gina Jamieson in her workshop

At the conference everyone saw the achievements and got more confidence. Furthermore, they, with more senses of responsibility, were clear about the tasks in the future

Many teachers visited Nottingham Castle on the following day, relaxing themselves for more beautiful battles and greater contributions in the future.

SSAT CI’s main job is to unfold Chinese teaching in UK’s elementary and secondary schools, to organise trainings for local teachers of Chinese, to explore Chinese tests and to promote Chinese language as a mainstream course in schools.

A group picture of Hanban teachers in SSAT CI

By Lei Ren and Yunhe Sun