Confucius Institute at Troy University Successfully Introduces Chinese Language and Culture in Charles Henderson Middle School

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Troy University [Time]    2012-02-29 15:37:50 

Confucius Institute at Troy University (CIT) successfully gave a presentation to Charles Henderson Middle School about Chinese language and culture on February 10, 2012.

With the theme of “celebrating Chinese Spring Festival”, CIT stuff decorated classroom with red lanterns, paintings, Chinese knots and paper cutting works, especially CIT prepared dumplings for the students.

The teaching was divided into four parts: language teaching, paper cutting, chopsticks using as well as question and answer. Ms. Xiaofeng Chen, Deputy Director of CIT, started the first part by explaining the language learning was important in improving the understanding and friendship among countries. She taught students how to greet each other in Chinese, what the Chinese words were for “face”, “ear”, “nose”, “mouth”, “eyebrow”, as well as how to write some Chinese characters. Her vivid teaching aroused a lively classroom atmosphere. Then Ms. Jie Xing, demonstrated how to do the paper cutting of Chinese “double happiness” which symbolizes best wishes of happiness and luck forever. After that, Ms. Yanli Pei, told the students the differences between Chinese and American table etiquette, the very obvious difference was that Chinese used chopsticks while Americans used forks and knives. She showed students the way to use chopsticks and encouraged students to pick up candies and dumplings by chopsticks. In the final part, Ms. Chen, Deputy Director of CIT, answered all the questions from students about Chinese culture. At the end of class, every student involved was so excited when they got bookmarks with Chinese characters or learning cards as a gift.

About 120 Middle School students and teachers were involved in the activity. Most of them confidently said “nihao”, “xiexie” or “zaijian” after the class, Mr. Aaron Brown, Principle of the Charles Henderson Middle School, expressed his gratitude to CIT staff for their hard work and mentioned this would be a very important step to the construction of Confucius Classroom at Charles Henderson Middle School in future.