SSAT Confucius Institute Students
Celebrate Chinese New Year in Newcastle China Town

[Source]    SSAT [Time]    2012-02-27 10:58:09 

Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival is the Chinese People's grandest traditional festival. Every time it comes around no-matter if it is in China or overseas, the Chinese people all will hold both majestic and vivacious activities to send off the old year and welcome in the new. To greet the coming year of the dragon, North England's largest Chinese community in the local Chinatown hosted a grand celebration. Carmel College and Hummersknott Academy's Confucius Classrooms of the SSAT Confucius Institute came to happily experience a taste of Chinese New Year.

In a short day, the students witnessed new-year's decorations, lively and exciting Chinatown, appreciated the colourful and unique dragon and lion dances, gathered amidst the festive sounds of firecrackers, ate Chinese food with chopsticks and other forms of active participation in Chinese culture and games, used Mandarin and Cantonese to give new-year's greetings and finally visited the Chinese market and bought souvenirs back home to share the new year's festivities and happiness with their families. After the activities concluded, the students each expressed a profound impact in learning Chinese with enriched enthusiasm.

Also, during Chinese New Year, Carmel College Confucius Classroom and Hummersknott Academy's Confucius classroom held mutual activities such as writing New Year Scrolls, making lanterns, folding paper dragons, singing New-year's songs, performing lion and dragon dances, artwork exploring the themes of the Year of the Dragon, hosting new-year's lectures, etc.

(Huanghuang Chen, Xu Zhang, Shujun Ge)