Communication Promotes Development Cooperation Contributes to Resplendence

[Source]    Georgia State University [Time]    2012-02-24 17:08:18 

As we ring out the Year of Rabbit and ring in the Year of Dragon and all the Chinese people worldwide celebrate the traditional Chinese festival - Spring Festival, Georgia State University held the "Seminar on Bi-Lateral Trade with China & Lunar New Year Event" at World Trade Center Atlanta on February 2, 2012 local time. Nearly 200 guests from the political, business and academic communities gathered together at the event, including Mr. John Parkson, President of World Trade Center Atlanta and Hon. Consul General of Hungary in Atlanta, Prof. Mark P. Becker, President of Georgia State University, Prof. Liu Jun, Deputy Provost, Ms. Joanne Hill, Director of the Minority Business Development Agency of the US Department of Commerce. While celebrating the arrival of the Chinese Year of Dragon, participants looked back on what China and the United States have achieved in economic exchanges and trade in recent years, and looked forward into the prospects of investment and cooperation of the two countries, especially Atlanta businesses operating in China

Group photo of Baotong Gu, Director of the Confucius Institute at GSU (first from the left), John Parkson, President of World Trade Center Atlanta (third from the left), Mark P. Becker, President of GSU (fifth from the left) and Liu Jun, Deputy Provost of GSU (seventh from the left)

In that afternoon, with the decoration of red lanterns and Chinese knots, the World Trade Center Atlanta was filled with festival and joyous atmosphere. Many guests came to the site early and exchanged festival greetings, with smile wearing on everybody's face. The CI at GSU arranged the exhibition stand exquisitely. Annal Report of the Confucius Institute 2011, course publicity 2012 and other materials attracted the attentions of many guests. They spoke highly of the evident achievements scored by the CI and expressed thanks to the CI for making this Seminar an enabling platform for exchanges and cooperation.

The guest carefully read the Annual Report of the CI at GSU 2011

Around 3:30pm, the Seminar was officially opened with welcoming speeches delivered by Mr. John Parkson and Mark P. Becker successively. President Parkson said in his speech that this Seminar is highly fitting for both Chinese and American enterprises to understand each other, especially in providing latest developments of Chinese economy for American businesses. Mr. Mark P. Becker initially greeted the attendees in Chinese and expressed his warm welcome to honored guests presented. According to him, thanks to the sound cooperation between GSU and Beijing Language and Culture University, the Confucius Institute at GSU is endowed with unique advantage in China-U.S. cultural and economic exchanges and has made great contributions since it was set up more than a year ago. Then, Mr. Eric Joiner, Deputy Chairman of AJC International Inc. delivered a keynote speech and Prof. Sevo Eroglu, Robinson College of Business of GSU, Ms. Joanne Hill, Director of the Minority Business Development Agency of the US Department of Commerce, Ms. Guanming Fang, Founder of Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice & President of Georgia China Alliance also made remarks at the Seminar. Participants exchanged their views and insights on the development of American enterprises in China, and issues of finance, law and policies involved in the cooperation between Chinese and American companies. As the fascinating event drew to an end, all participants believed that this event represents an exceptional and precious opportunity for exchanges and expressed their heartfelt thanks to the CI for what it has done to make this event happen.

Guests actively engaged in exchanges at the Seminar

The Seminar was followed by the Lunar New Year Event. In the banquet hall with grand yet festive decoration, guests proposed a toast to arrival of the Chinese Year of Dragon amid the light-hearted and enthusiastic atmosphere. Prof. Liu Jun, Deputy Provost of GSU extended best wishes, wishing them all the best in the New Year and that the CI at GSU can scale new heights with more fruitful results. The subsequent lucky draw took the New Year Event to the climax. The CI prepared bamboo slips with ancient Chinese literature engraved, such as The Analects of Confucius and Man Jiang Hong, which created an opportunity for participants to closely understand the Chinese culture while sending out best wishes.

Director Baotong Gu presented awards to winners at the Lunar New Year Event

As one of the celebration events of the Confucius Institute at GSU, "2012 Seminar on Bi-Lateral Trade with China & Lunar New Year Event" is also the second of its kind hosted by the Confucius Institute at GSU. As a business-oriented Confucius Institute in the United States, the CI at GSU will highlight its business features in 2012 and provide colorful commercial cultural lectures and activities while offering multi-tiered and diversified business Chinese and commercial cultural courses. In addition, it will host 2012 International Seminar on Business Chinese Language Teaching in early September and organize Business Chinese Test (BCT) within the year.