Leuven’s Post-Spring Gala
——Chinese New Year Celebration Series

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Group T, Leuven [Time]    2012-02-23 11:34:51 

On February 9, Leuven’s Spring Gala came slowly but shiningly. The event was co-organized by the Confucius Institute at Group T and Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Leuven (CSAL), supported by the Chinese Embassy and Catholic University of Leuven. Ambassador LIAO Liqiang, Counselor WANG Luxin, Mr. Ridouani, Vice-mayor of Leuven, Mr. Jansen from Province Vlaams Brabant, and Prof Bart De Moor, Vice-rector from K. U. Leuven and Prof Ingrid, Administrator General from Group T, together with five hundred Chinese and local people, watched the performance.

MCs of 2012 Leuven Spring Gala

Leuven Spring Gala has become a brand event. Even long before the Chinese New Year, some local people had been asking about the activity. But the Spring Festival fell unfortunately on the examination period, which postponed the gala, and made it a Post-spring gathering. The excitement, however, was not lessened much, because the Gala has become the landmark of the Chinese festival.

Music from Leuven Chinese school

The organizing team, led by SU Liang and Lingji, designed and directed the performances quite professionally. The Cloud of Hometown expressed overseas Chinese longing for the beloved in hometown; Sorry, My Chinese is not Good shared the humor and experience of foreigners in Chinese study; Kerlijne, studying in Guangzhou, returned to the Gala and offered a Chinese song; the boys and girls in red from Leuven Chinese School performed Saxophone and flute; the Chinese comic play and cross talk were in the center of next day’s cyber talk; the Chinese calligraphy to the Yangqin, displayed the beauty of Chinese culture; The Moon Represents My Heart co-played by Belgian violinist and Chinese pianist implied bilateral friendship; Pilipino danced colorfully and heartedly; the dance South of Cloud from Dai was considered a beautiful dance by a beauty; a Chinese-Belgian girl’s song Northeasters are Good Guys brought laughter to the present. Each piece had its special points.

Kerlijne’s Chinese song To Encounter

Chinese Cross Talk Love in Leuven

In his speech Ambassador LIAO wished the audience a happy Chinese New Year, and gave the stories of the Year of Dragon, and wished a friendly Belgium-China relationship. Prof Bart, on behalf of K. U. Leuven, gave his best wishes to the Chinese people. Mr. Wim Polet’s, Director of Confucius Institute, gave his humorous speech with the Chinese ballad “Long Ear Rabbit jumps, Dragon year comes, Money worries not, Health concerns most”.

Ambassador LIAO drawing the first prize

The Lion Dance team from Liege, made up by Belgians, performed with a combined Chinese origin and local culture, won great applauses. Lucky draw, as usual, played an important role in attracting the people. There were also a few coming for the authentic Chinese dinner in a Chinese atmosphere. A big screen was especially set up for live broadcasting for the viewers who cannot find seats in the auditorium. Het Laatste Nieuws, one of the major local media and China’s People Daily reported the event.

Group photo-taking of Ambassador with the performers