Lantern Festival Celebrated by the Confucius Institute
at Pace University & New York City Hall

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Pace University [Time]    2012-02-21 16:25:24 

"Wow, look, lion dance, cool!" children hailed.

The 2012 Spring Festival Celebration, also the Chinese Year of Dragon, organized by the Confucius Institute at Pace University & New York City Hall was well under way on February 5 amid exultant lion dance and deafening sound of gongs and drums. The student center of the Pace University in downtown Manhattan is highly crowded where more than 350 guests from New York City Hall, Pace University, Chinatown, and major communities of overseas Chinese, Korean and other Asians as well as western communities gathered together to celebrate the Lantern Festival, staging an unprecedented scene studded with distinguished guests.

That day, teachers, students and volunteers of the Confucius Institute came to arrange the site early in the morning. Prosperous Chinese dragon, lucky Chinese knot, Beijing opera facial masks, male roles, female roles, painted roles and clowns, oil paper umbrella, beautiful flowers, beautiful Southern China......all of the Chinese elements rendered the venue with oriental flavor; lantern riddles, the Eight diagrams, dumpling, fruits, traditional Chinese games and delicacies attracted everyone at the site who tries to stop but cannot......Stepping into the rich and strong festive atmosphere, guests were immediately and deeply impressed by the "flavor of Chinese Spring Festival", i.e., "the big red lantern hanging up high and joyfully celebrating the Lantern Festival".

The event was opened by an ebullient welcoming speech delivered by Prof. Stephen J. Friedman, President of Pace University, amid the strong festive atmosphere. Then, Margaret Chin, Peter Koo among 10 New York councilmen made remarks whose humorous speech and Chinese "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (May you happy and prosperous) promoted participants to laugh again and again. Councilwoman Margaret Chin expressed her thanks to the Confucius Institute at Pace university for its meticulous preparation and thoughtful arrangement and presented certificate to the CI; she also expressed her gratitude to Chinese Students and Scholars Association at Pace University and New York Chinese Opera Society which sponsored and participated the event, and various Chinese and overseas Chinese organizations attending the celebration. In addition, Provost of Pace University, President of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences the CI locates and other guests were presented at and addressed the celebration event.

"Dong Dong Qiang, Dong Dong Qiang" - traditional Chinese lion dance drew the curtain of the performance. Two lions passed through the auditorium and jumped to the stage with the drum, wining rounds of heavy applause and acclaims and enlivening the entire venue; then, steady and graceful Chinese shadow boxing and sword demonstrated the extensive and profound Taiji martial art; Chinese national dance, modern Korean dance, pop songs by male singers......As wonderful programs were staged one after another, the atmosphere became ever enthusiastic. Comic dialogue "New World Map" cleverly integrated the name of each country in the world and the lively performance received gales of laughter; Beijing opera "Picking up Jade Bracelet" performed by New York Chinese Opera Society was defined by original performance and excellent singing and acting, favored by both Chinese and western spectaculars, and foreign children were fully attracted and lost their minds......Continuous pleasant laughter drew a cheerful picture that China and its foreign counterparts celebrated the Spring Festival together!

In order to add to the jubilant atmosphere, the Confucius Institute at Pace University especially arranged three rounds of lottery draws and brought Chinese custom of presenting red packet to New York. The final award was jointly drawn by Chinese Director and Director of the Confucius Institute. Before that, Director Niu Weihua conveyed thanks to distinguished guests and sponsors of the event on behalf of the Confucius Institute, briefed on the purpose of the Confucius Institute and invited attendees to join more events organized by the Confucius Institute. As they celebrated the Chinese Spring Festival on this occasion, Director Niu specially introduced Chinese partners Nanjing Normal University and Jiangsu Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, greatly impressing the attendees. Chinese Director Zhu Min said that it's a great pleasure to see that Chinese culture has become an integral part of the diversified culture of the United States and she invited participants to study Chinese language and culture so as to have a better understanding. With concerted efforts by both Chinese and foreign partners, the Chinese culture will become a bright scenery in New York.

With the chorus "My Motherland and I", the party came to a successful end.


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