Students of Confucius Institute in Benin Hail the Gourmet Night

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Benin [Time]    2012-02-20 14:20:59 

Porto-Novo, February 4th—The Parliament Building of Benin was brilliantly lit up and the whole hall burst into warm applause as students from the Confucius Institute at University of Abomey-Calavi sang the song “The Same Song” during the “Chinese Food Night”. The audience members were amazed to see local students being so good at singing Chinese songs.

Since the Institute’s establishment in 2009, the teachers have begun to teach local students to sing Chinese songs both in and out of school due to the students’ ability to sing and dance. Thanks to their efforts, more and more students became interested in Chinese songs. At present, a great many students can sing a dozen of Chinese songs, such as the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China, “The Same Song”, “Friends” and “The Moon Represents My Heart”. They often present performances in school-based and after-school activities.

The students singing “The Same Song”

The “Chinese Food Night” was sponsored by the Chinese Cultural Center in Benin. Local Chinese restaurants including the Sea View Hotel, the China Hotel and the Shanghai Hotel provided food for the activity. The Chinese Ambassador to Benin, Mr. Tao Weiguang, Benin government officials, Ambassadors of several countries to Benin, as well as representatives from local Chinese-funded institutions were present at the occasion and savored the delicious Chinese food.

The Chinese Cultural Center in Benin and the Confucius Institute are partner institutions and the Institute has provided volunteer services for a series of activities entitled “Happy Spring Festival” that have been held by the Center recently. Other activities included the Chinese-Beninian Art Exhibition and the Chongqing Art Troupe performing in Benin. During the Chinese Food Night, the Institute not only sent its students to sing Chinese songs for the guests, but also sent more than 30 volunteers to provide support services. The volunteers behaved respectfully toward the guests during the whole event. “I’m pleased to provide service to the guests, because I can learn about Chinese food culture here,” one volunteer said.

The Volunteers offering service during the “Chinese Food Night”

It seems that there was no one happier than the students who performed during the activity. A boy called Gan Li excitedly said, “I am happy to see the guests giving us applause and I want to sing more Chinese songs for them.” The Institute’s Chinese Director Prof. Li Hongxiu happily told the students: “The Institute will host a Chinese Singing Contest this year and I hope to see you in the event. We want to see not only our students, but also local citizens to sing Chinese songs.” 

By Li Hongxiu


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