Making waste valuable, Chinese elements Amazed Newcastle University

[Source]    SSAT Horbury Confucius Classroom [Time]    2011-12-21 10:37:54 

Students from Horbury School in Wakefield showed off their linguistic skills at the X Factor-style regional heat of the HSBC/British Council Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition at Newcastle University on Tuesday 6 December. The competition supports and promotes the teaching of Mandarin Chinese as a modern foreign language in UK schools. Now in its ninth year, the competition has attracted a record number of learners eager to prove their Chinese skills. Regional heats are taking place in London and Newcastle, with only the best being invited to attend the final – where they could win a visit to China. Organized by Chinese Teacher, Chen Yu, assisted by two Hanban Teachers, The Monkey King Beats the White Skeleton Demon from Horbury School amazed all the judges, contestants and audience by their fluent speaking and wonderful performance, especially their stage properties and costumes which are rich in Chinese characteristics.

The Monkey King Beats the White Skeleton Demon is an episode of Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classics in China. From the beginning to the end of their performance, the audience gave them an ardent applause, meanwhile, the judges and contestants speak highly of their fluent Chinese, wonderful and accurate performance, and the very Chinese stage properties and costumes.

After the competition, some of the teachers from other schools asked us where we borrowed the stage properties and costumes. When the got the answer that we made them by some wasted boxes, paper spindles, they were all astonished. “You are amazing. It is unbelievable.” In fact, we did. Being cut, pieced together and painted, the weapons were made of wasted paper spindles. The costumes were made of some cards and rejected cloth. And the tree was made of packing boxes pieced together, painted and stuck with accessories. One of Chinese teacher from other school praised, “You do display Chinese culture perfectly with wasted things, therefore, the situation of Chinese teaching and learning in Horbury is in a high position.”

This speaking competition offers an exchanging and learning opportunity for Chinese teaching in different schools. We discovered the advantages and disadvantages in Chinese teaching through this competition. We are firmly convinced that the Chinese Language and Culture will own a splendid tomorrow in the UK with our efforts.

How cool are we!

students’ wonderful performance

our team from Horbury School (picture 4)(from the left, No. 4, Chinese teacher, Chen Yu; from the right, No. 1 Hanban Teacher, Qu Huan, No. 4, Hanban Teacher, Liang Weitao)

Liang Weitao from SSAT Horbury Confucius Classroom


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