Share in the Wisdom of Books:The Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki Successfully Conducts the Eighth Stop of the Chinese Teaching Materials and Culture Book Exhibition Tour – University of Turku

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki [Time]    2011-11-23 17:12:49 

On the morning of November 11, 2011, Helsinki local time, the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki, in conjunction with the University of Turku Library and Language Centre, jointly held the ”Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki Chinese Language Teaching Materials and Culture Touring Book Exhibition” in the Main Building of the University of Turku. The program was attended by over ten participants including Director of the University of Turku Language Centre Dr Michael Nelson, Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies Dr Lauri Paltemma, Vice Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences Kimmo Rentola, Head Librarian of the Humanities Library Ms. Susanna Nykari, University Research Fellow and Project Coordinator at the Centre for East Asian Studies Ms. Outi Luova, Chinese Language Teacher at the Centre for East Asian Studies Yang Fen, Chinese Language Teachers at the University of Turku Language Centre Ms. Zhu Wenli and Ms. Zhang Yan, Chinese Vice Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki Professor Li Yuanzheng, and Visiting Lecturer in Chinese Language Hua Zhilei.

Group photo of participating representatives and hosts of the Chinese Language Teaching Materials Book Exhibition and representatives of the organizers

The late autumn chill of Turku could be felt in the air, the tree branches and grass excquisitely glazed with the previous night’s sparkling cold dew, with the occasional light drizzle floating by in the wind. Nonetheless, the Chinese Book Exhibition still attracted the attention of a great deal of students and scholars. One after another, they stopped to take a look, some becoming fascinated with the depth and broadness of Chinese civilization while reading works on Chinese culture, while others took the Chinese textbooks in their hands, the event’s main promotion, and began from language to appreciate the charm of Chinese. Others enquired about the Chinese Proficiency Test, resolving to learn Chinese, while some even tried out the talking dictionaries and wall posters, studying Chinese in a relaxing and entertaining way.

Main promotional teaching materials by Hanban on exhibit

Visitors perusing books on exhibit

Despite space limitations for the book exhibition and a rather simple and unadorned exhibition stand, the table was still adorned with all types of teaching materials and the walls were covered with Oriental style hanging decorations, causing the book exhibition to seem like a whisp of fragrance enshrouded by a thick breath of culture. The exhibition even attracted the reporters from the Turku Student Newspaper, who took the initiative in requesting to report on the activity’s proceedings and even snapped a few photos, using their cameras to record this wonderful moment.

Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies examining Contemporary Chinese

Reporters from the Turku Student Newspaper taking photographs

The activity is the eighth stop on the Confucius Institute at the University of Helsinki’s Finland book exhibition tour of major Chinese language teaching materials and cultural books. The exhibition displayed over 70 books, covering more than ten catergories such as Chinese traditional culture, folk art and handicrafts, politics, religion, education, overviews of modern China, Chinese language teaching materials and reference books, and attracted the attention of over 100 students. The activity not only expanded the influence of Chinese language education and Chinese culture in Finland and caused Finnish students to develop a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and culture, increasing interest in and motivation for studying Chinese, but at the same time also allowed them to acquire valuable resources and information for studying Chinese and provided important help for taking the Chinese Proficiency Test. (Content by Hua Zhilei, Photography by Zhang Yan)

The Confucius Institute Chinese Vice Director Li Yuanzheng introducing the book exhibition

Volunteer Chinese language teachers introducing the Chinese Proficiency Test