Education Minister Yuan Guiren Visits Confucius Institute for Business, London

[Source]    Confucius Institute for Business, London [Time]    2011-11-04 12:55:07 

On the morning of October 28, a 15-person delegation led by Chinese Education Minister Yuan Guiren visited the Confucius Institute for Business, London (CIBL). The delegation was warmly welcomed by teachers and students of the Confucius Institute and representatives of the London School of Economics (LSE) – the British partner in organizing the Confucius Institute with Tsinghua University.

The Shaw Library of LSE demonstrated its academic and warm atmosphere thanks to the elaborate arrangement by CIBL and LSE. On the left side of the room, there were many classical elementary books on display in the shape of a spiral staircase granted by Minister Yuan to the Confucius Institute, including the Library of Chinese Classics, Encyclopaedia of China, and A Comprehensive Dictionary of the Chinese Language. On the right side of the room were a series of teaching materials and audio-visual materials independently produced by CIBL. In the centre was a bright red horizontal scroll which read “Warm Welcome to Minister Yuan Guiren in Visiting CIBL”. The British people have never had the habit of using “horizontal scrolls”, so this enthusiastic scroll is not easy to come by in London.

LSE President Professor Judith Rees extended a warm welcome to Minister Yuan and introduced LSE’s history and its ties with China. There are more than 700 overseas students from the Chinese Mainland at LSE and both teachers and students here expressed their deep interest in China. She indicated that the Confucius Institute has been playing an active role in Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges and that LSE fully supports the work of CIBL. The President of LSE, which is home to 16 Nobel Prize winners (including six of Economics), humbly noted that China offers much to learn.

Minister Yuan expressed his appreciation to LSE for its support of and assistance to the work of the Confucius Institute. He pointed out that CIBL is the first Confucius Institute of Business in the U.K., making it unique. Through cooperation between internationally recognized universities such as Tsinghua University and LSE, great strides have been made in promoting Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges. He also noted that CIBL has combined Chinese language teaching with business majors in the field of economics and that the participation of a large number of multinational enterprises has made possible the combination of education and industry, while public speeches and seminars have made the integration of teaching inside and outside of the classroom a reality. He expects that CIBL will make the best use of its advantages and can make still greater contributions to the development of teaching materials and training of teachers.

To demonstrate the achievements of their studies, Ms. Nicola, a student of CIBL and an associate of the international law firm Norton Rose Group recited the Song Dynasty Poem “Prelude to the Melody of Water” in Chinese before the Chinese delegation, showing the charisma and spirit of Su Shi’s poem; Daniel, a student from the Advanced Chinese Class of CIBL, performed an erhu (Chinese fiddle), bringing the participants back to far-away China and winning a big round of applause from the guests. Minister Yuan knew the piece well and told Daniel that the music is the interlude song of the film Visitor on the Icy Mountain.

After receiving the representatives of overseas Chinese students, Minister Yuan walked to the building of CIBL to visit the workplace and classrooms of the Confucius Institute accompanied by Professor Huang Guoying, President of the Chinese side, and Dr. Lu Hong, Coordinator of the British side. He genially shook hands and talked with teachers and volunteers of CIBL, encouraging them to work hard and score even greater achievements. He also inspected the teaching materials produced by CIBL and exchanged views with Lord Nathanael Ming-Yan, a lifelong member of the British House of Lords and a student at CIBL, inspiring him to deliver a speech in Chinese when he visits China in the future.

Near noontime, Minister Yuan and the delegation departed and the teachers and students of CIBL were greatly inspired, believing that the Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges of CIBL will surely embrace greater development with the support of both the Chinese and British governments.(By Chen Shu & Zhao Yani)

Minister Yuan Guiren Taking Group Photo with Students of CIBL

Minister Yuan Guiren Talking with Lord Nathanael Ming-Yan, Lifelong Member of the British House of Lords and Student at CIBL

Minister Yuan Guiren Visiting CIBL and Greeting Teachers and Volunteers

Minister Yuan Guiren Talking with Teachers and Volunteers