HSK Internet-based Test Comes to Successful Conclusion at Confucius Institute at BCIT

[Source]    Confucius Institute at BCIT [Time]    2011-11-02 10:39:50 

Vancouver, October 23rd - Thanks to the careful preparation of the staff members of the Confucius Institute at BCIT, the HSK test proceeded smoothly and concluded successfully. Unlike other test sites, the Confucius Institute has adopted an internet-based test (IBT) system from November 14th, 2010.

A single-user mode was adopted for the HSK IBT. Before the examination, the system administrator created a password for each examinee that matched his/her test card number. On the test day, the examinees would enter their test card numbers and passwords to log into the test system. The examiners and invigilators have excellent control over the operation's progress with the help of a special monitoring platform.

The test was the 6th HSK IBT held by the Confucius Institute at BCIT, and consisted of 3 levels of a written test and 3 levels of an oral test. The examinees included pupils, college students and adult Chinese learners. The stable and well-managed HSK IBT was well received by the examinees. A college student called Pascale from Vancouver said that she is used to learning the Chinese language and sharing experiences with others through the internet, so the HSK IBT, compared with the traditional paper-based test, is more capable of reflecting her Chinese level and more suitable to her learning habits.

A management platform was specially developed which allows the examinees to register for the test, pay related fees and take the test online. With a view to promote Chinese tests and increase the number of examinees, the HSK IBT will play an important role in promoting the development of Chinese tests due to its convenience, reliability and efficiency.


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