Confucius Institute for TCM Participated in the 23rd European Language Show

[Source]    CITCM [Time]    2011-11-02 13:36:42 

In this refreshing October, the Language Show 2011 was staged in London on 21st October 2011. More than 160 organisations worldwide took part in this year’s exhibition, and all participants demonstrated the charm of their culture and languages in their own unique manner. This is the fourth time that the Confucius Institute for TCM (the CITCM) has taken part in this show.

This year the CITCM brought its team of professional performers and cultural lecturers to the show. Their performances were rich and varied. Peaceful performances, such as tea ceremony and calligraphy, were integrated with dynamic ones, including traditional Chinese musical instruments, Chinese dances, martial arts, lion dance, etc. All the audience cheered in chorus at the vivid and lively lion dance as it fully demonstrated the strength and power of traditional Chinese martial arts. Wonderful traditional Chinese musical instruments, especially the cheerful and animated rhythm of the suona horn performance “Good Days”, attracted many passers-by to stop and listen to it. In the traditional Chinese dance demonstrations, the dancers danced to the beautiful music and amazed the audience with the charm of traditional Chinese dance in their adept movements and skills. A Ba Duan Jin (a type of fitness qigong) took the audience to the graceful and profound atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

CITCM team at language show

In the Third Lecturing Area, Prof. Liya Wang, Chinese Director of the CITCM, brought the event to a climax by giving a lecture on “traditional Chinese wedding customs”. The venue was packed with listeners, many of whom came a long way to just listen to the lecture. The atmosphere was warm and the audience cheered from time to time. Prof. Wang demonstrated the traditional Chinese wedding customs through various methods with photos and pictures. There was a lively sense of interaction between the audience and the lecturer. Prof. Wang tactfully integrated lion dance, traditional dance, martial art, traditional musical instruments performances in her lecture, and offered the audience a sumptuous banquet of traditional Chinese culture. The lecture was very well-received by the audience. A mock wedding ceremony was also staged to give the audience a visual insight: two performers dressed in traditional red Chinese wedding costumes walked onto the stage to the “Zhu Bajie (the pig from the ancient monkey legend) Carrying His Wife” played by traditional Chinese musical instruments. The audience felt that they were transported back to ancient times.

CITCM Performing at Language show

After the lecture, many of the audience swarmed to the stage to express their enjoyment of the event and asked questions concerning the Chinese culture. Prof. Wang answered their questions one by one as if the lecture was still proceeding. This lecture lasted an hour, which was the longest among all lectures during this event. The lecture was over, but the promotion of traditional Chinese culture is still going on. We believe that in the near future the world will have a better understanding of China.